Gloucester Fire Department circa 1874

As is often the case, while researching something else entirely, I came across this gem of a photo from the collection of Fred Bodin. It is very intriguing especially because it is labeled with names and identifying corresponding numbers so you can tell who is who. It’s of a steamer style fire vehicle named (at the time) Cape Ann Steamer 1. It’s name later changed to W.H.T. Jameson to honor its driver (pictured in this photo).

Much of the information about this post came from a book available on the internet at this link called The Gloucester Fire Department: Its History and Work from 1793-1893. I am including a few screenshots from this book as well. The “Cape Ann” cost $3300 and arrived April 1864. It was renamed after the unexpected death of its driver W.H.T. Jameson in 1878. This picture is likely on School Street.

I have a few theories about some of the names listed which have not been proven so here are my thoughts. E.L. Lane is probably Edwin L. Lane, the engineer; W.H.T. Jameson is likely William H.T. Jameson born in Nova Scotia about 1828; J.P.Nichols may be James P. Nichols; C.W. Prindall is likely Charles Prindall who later became a city councilor. Input on these and others is welcome in the comments or by email. It’s a spectacular piece of Gloucester history.

1875 Gloucester City Directory
a page from the mentioned book
From The Gloucester Fire Department: It’s History and Work from 1793-1892

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