Eagle Pair and Photography Friends

Many of you have been following the story of the eagle pair in Magnolia. Although they are not there all the time, frequently we find them working a former hawk nest nearby so we are always on the lookout. These adventures have allowed me to meet a number of very nice people, especially a couple of photographers from the area. One example is John Abisamra whose work you have likely seen locally (and here on the blog). He happened to stop by recently in search of the nest. The nest was empty as we approached, but we were soon rewarded with the returning pair at work in the nest! We delighted in watching them preen, fuss and restack sticks. It’s getting difficult to get good shots through the trees as the leaves continue to grow but it’s amazing to consider we have these beauties nearby long enough to study at all!

I am grateful to the photographers especially who have taken an interest in the eagles. I am by no means a professional but I am always seeking to improve. The work of others is inspiring and instructive, so thank you so much! I think you know who you are……. In addition, shout out to my birder friend Brenda, who is celebrating her birthday today. These are for you.

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