Important Message: 2021 Bluefin Blowout Tournament

Good day to all our Captains, crews, fans and sponsors:

As restrictions due to the Covid pandemic loosen up, it is apparent that we have to make a decision based upon current conditions facing the tournament.  Presently, we understand that NOAA regulations are very restrictive for a weekend tournament and there are changes proposed that would make the tournament very difficult to pull off. Staffing throughout Massachusetts and Cape Ann is precarious with not enough help available to support a first class event.  Our home away from home, the Cape Ann’s Marina Resort has minimized activities this summer at their location and they are faced with staffing problems as we are in the auto industry.  Most importantly, the easing up of restrictions just came too late for Cidalia, Kruti, Drew and our volunteers to perform at the level we expect, and I’m sure our competitors do as well.  This all said, we will not be holding the Bluefin Blowout in 2021.  We hope to support any and all other charity based tournaments that will occur in the Northeast this summer and into the fall. Thank you all for your support and communication.  The decision was not an easy one.

Warren Waugh

Bluefin Blowout Producer

Managing Partner

The Lyon-Waugh Auto Group

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