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Fishing Vessel Stability Classes

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Did you know that flooding and instability are the leading causes of fishing vessel disasters in the United States? Fishing Partnership offers a class on Fishing Vessel Stability created by the Alaska Marine Safety Education AssociationThis class is FREE. You will receive practical information to keep your boat stable through different loads and structural changes as well as hands-on instruction on how to respond to flooding emergencies.

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This FREE course covers these topics & more:
Flooding Control
Flooding Prevention
Stability Technology
Stability Principles
The Stability Curve
Interpreting Stability ReportsCrew Responsibilities

Still not convinced?
Watch this video of an unstable vessel off the coast of Cape Cod.

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How Replacement Windows Improve Energy Efficiency

Cape Ann Home

How Replacement Windows Improve Energy Efficiency
The transfer of unwanted warm and cool air from your home adds hundreds of dollars to energy bills every year. Replacing windows can be a cost-effective way to prevent this air loss and save on your overall energy bill. 
Replacement Windows Energy Saving

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With it being the middle of the coldest months of the year it’s important to considersealing windows for winterweather to better keep your home warm and cozy without running up your heating costs. If you are not ready to replace them, there are a few steps you can take. The first is ensuring that the windows have properly working locks that will form a seal to block airflow. This also protects air from sneaking through microscopic gaps during wind storms.


Trim frames a window and gives it depth, but gaps in the

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Are you getting the Cape Ann Waterfront Guide?

Cape Ann Home

If you subscribed to the, you’d know all about the “off market” condos as well as those available publicly on the MLS. And the beach houses. And all the other Gloucester and Rockport homes for sale right now. Click here and we’ll send you one.

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