GloucesterCast 465 with Don Riley, Ray Damico, Steve Macdonald, Jimmy Douglass, Barry Clifford and Joey C Taped 2/2/21


GloucesterCast 465 with Don Riley, Ray Damico, Steve Macdonald, Jimmy Douglass, Barry Clifford and Joey C Taped 2/2/21

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Topics Include:
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Let’s pay homage to other Gloucester Hockey Greats and Great Teams

We have a GHS Hockey Trivia game that Jimmy Douglass has put up a two pack and a four pack of Cape Ann Whale Watch tickets. We will play the game toward the end of the podcast.

Let’s pay homage to Coach Assistant Paul Riley and Mo Montgomery who have passed.

Background: what do you attribute the hockey boom in the late 70s to? Was It Bobby Orr and the Big Bad Bruins?

Which team went further, the 78 team or the 83 team?

Has Talbot Arena ever been as electric as it was during those hockey seasons?

Name your all time top Gloucester hockey first line team

Who had the biggest shot? Who was the sniper? Who was the toughest?

Top goalie?

How good was Donnie Riley?

Who were some of the big time Gloucester Hockey people that were involved but not necessarily players? Middle school coaches, announcers, bus drivers, rink managers,?

Wasn’t there a story where the team traveled to an away game and all the windows in the team bus were smashed out?

How did the coaches keep the players focused when the arena was such a madhouse?

What were the craziest things that happened that didn’t have to do with the actual games? Fish on the ice? Batteries? Tennis Balls?

What advice do you have for today’s Gloucester High School hockey players?

Who scored the first GHS Goal at Talbot Rink? Who scored the 1st GHS Goal in history and who scored the 1000th?

Zdano Chara- thoughts on the Bruins moving on from him

Trivia: Who is the only GHS player to ever be drafted by the NHL?


CleanPro Under New Management

CleanPro is now under new ownership. A message shared by CleanPro yesterday stated the following:

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Mold Remediation

Mosquito/Tick Spraying

Electrostatic COVID Spraying

Clean Pro offers 24 hour a day and 7 days a week service and free estimates.

18 Sargent Street, Gloucester MA 978-281-3939.

Photo Courtesy of CleanPro

Coyote on Ice

I realize coyote sightings are not uncommon, but this was our first close coyote encounter. We watched this coyote for several minutes navigate the ice, have a rest and a drink then move on its way. We were in the vicinity of the Klondike water treatment facility. The coyote seemed relaxed, though I was a little nervous.