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Build Back Better

Hello Joey, 
Build Back Better. I am a jewelry designer from Gloucester, MA. I have a compelling story of how I changed the narrative of the pandemic into one of opportunity and affirmation.
The American Craft Council recently published an article about my jewelry brand. Here is the link:
I would love to continue this narrative for your audience. I look forward to connecting with you.

All the best,

Derek Mirabiliochief designer & owner

Will an escalation clause help us get the house?

Cape Ann Home

The short answer: it’s a gamble. Is there a better way? Yep. Here’s the back story.

And click here if you want a copy of the latest Cape Ann Waterfront Guide.

Bob, Sue & Jeff McDermott • Kenny MacCarthy • Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty

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What is the Healthiest FULL SPECTRUM HEMP OIL?

Cape Ann Wellness

What is Full Spectrum CBD?

Full spectrum CBD Oils contain the hemp plant’s original terpenes and other types of cannabinoids, including cannabinol (CBN), cannabigerol (CBG), and less than 0.3% THC. Oils with the full spectrum of these compounds are healthier due to the different cannabinoids working together synergistically.

Terpenes that create hemp’s flavors and aromas have health benefits (including promoting relaxation, calm and sleep). These compounds are crucial to the range of beneficial action that hemp extract has on the human body.

The Healthiest CBD oils are made using cultivation and production methods that grow, preserve, and capture more of these natural hemp components.

Not All CBD Oils are the Same

The term full spectrum is loosely defined. Many CBD oil products that are called full spectrum are not as healthy as others. Cost cutting and labor saving practices causes reduced terpene and cannabinoid levels in the final product.


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