GloucesterCast 468 From Beauport $12 Burger and Craft Beer Night with Nichole Schrafft, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 2/15/21


GloucesterCast 468  From Beauport $12 Burger and Craft Beer Night with Nichole Schrafft, Pat and Jim Dalpiaz and Joey C Taped 2/15/21

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Topics Include:
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Cake Explosion Gift a Big Hit

We recently sent our daughter this “exploding” cake. It was meant as a surprise but I accidentally ruined the butterfly surprise. That actually turned out to be a blessing because I had the opportunity to ask her to record the box opening. It was a fun gift that cost about $60 to send….well worth it for this occasion. You may have heard Joey recommend I share this video for your enjoyment, so here goes the surprise! Check them out at

School Vacation Week Fun with the Sawyer Free Library: Winter Hibernation presented by Hands on Nature

Cape Ann Community

How do your favorite animals spend the winter? On Thursday, February 18 at 10:00 a.m., children and families will have fun finding out during an interactive virtual program presented by Hands on Nature. Learn all about hibernation, how animals look for shelter and the amazing adaptations they have for surviving through the harshest temperatures in New England.

This is a virtual event hosted by the Sawyer Free Library. Please register online for the Zoom link which will be sent by Children’s Services. Click here to register. Space is limited.

After the program, families can continue the fun by making a cozy hibernation den for a favorite small stuff animal using materials from around the home including a small paper bag, glue, scissors, crayons and cotton balls or dried leaves. 

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