Doyon’s Appliance

My washer and dryer arrived right on time on Saturday as we were promised when we bought them at Doyon’s, 15 Whistlestop Way, Gloucester, MA 01930.  It was very reassuring to have Doyon employees install our washer and dryer as well.  The employees practiced safe protocol, wearing masks and keeping their distance.

Keeping it local makes a difference in customer service and helps our local economy strong.


Re-Discover Magnolia in the Autumn

When was the last time you came to Lexington Ave?

Sherry’s Corner Cafe
Beauport Hearing Care
Magnolia 525 Tavern
The Magnolia Pub
Shackteau Interiors
Magnolia Community Farmers Market
All Purpose Flowers
Magnolia Library and Community Center
Arts Abound Magnolia

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Shoppin Local- From Donna and Barbara

As residents of the great city of Gloucester, we must impress again how much shopping, eating, banking and enjoying our local business establishments means.
If you shop at a chain store and you are short $1, the clerk cannot help you out.
Shopping at a local store, you can come back with the dollar.
If you cannot get a purchase in your car and the landscaping store is going your way with another delivery, they put will bring it to you. The banking establishments will call you if you have left your “Deposit Only Stamp” in the bank. Our wonderful eating establishments will make sure if you are allergic to something, it will not be served.
Again, going local is not just a saying; it is real and keeps our community strong. Thank you.

Donna Ardizzoni
Circle Consulting Group

Barbara Koen
The Dress Code