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A Great Time To Go On a Whale Watch!

An incredible day for whalewatchers; however, a not so good day to be a sand eel! What an awe-inspiring afternoon we had today watching 5 adult humpback whales blow bubble nets and open mouth feed! As Mystery, Sprinkles, Echo’s 2014 calf, Bounce and Milkweed were busy feeding; Bounce and Milkweed’s calves were playing at the surface. The calves were practicing blowing bubbles of their own then swimming though the middle of them; as well as, tail breaching, full breaching and flipper slapping!

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Signs of the times | one way routes, sanitized pens, and on point placard Surfside Subs & pizza Long Beach #CapeAnnCovid #GloucesterMA

Local businesses adjust to Covid-19 reopening “new” normal.

Surfside Subs and pizza shop one way routes and sanitized pens and on point pizza box placard


“Saving Straitsmouth Island-A History”, the fifth book authored by TIA President Emeritus Paul St. Germainwas published this week.

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This is the fifth book authored by TIA President Emeritus Paul St. Germain. As a local historian he has detailed the rich history of this unique New England treasure and the efforts to preserve both its structures and natural history. He begins a thousand years ago when Indians summered there, moves to its discovery by famous explorers Samuel de Champlain and Captain John Smith in the seventeenth century, then to the fishermen, shipwrecks, and piracy around the island. From1835 to 1935, three lighthouses were built, all with fascinating stories of the keepers and their families. The island was opened to the public for the first time in 180 years in 2019 thanks to the efforts of the Thacher Island Association and Mass Audubon Society. This is the first book written about the complete history of Straitsmouth Island.

$25.00 includes shipping                

Go to the Thacher Island web site at  to order.

The Jam w/ Dennis & Joe – LIVE STREAM/FACEBOOK Monday @ 8pm 7.20.2020

The Jam w/ Dennis & Joe – LIVE STREAM/FACEBOOK Monday @ 8pm



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Good day Jamily!!
Hope you are all staying cool and hydrated!! 💦
Here is our current schedule for tonight’s Virtual Jam!

Zoë Knight – 8:00-8:20
Mark Matejik – 8:25-8:40
Brian King – 8:45-9:00
Amanda Cook – 9:05-9:20
Renee Dupuis +Joe Cardoza+Dennis Monagle – 9:25-9:45
A Bigger Boat feat. Jeff Buckridge+Lyle Brewer+Ed Spargo+John Iltis- 9:50-10:10 (pre-recorded performance)
John Newcomer – 10:15-10:30

Please feel free to share!! The more the merrier!!!

Hope to see you all tonight!!!

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Uhmmmm, @CaptJoeLobster Topped Steak Cooked Cooked On Vintage Hibachi Drizzled with Butter and Finished With Cape Ann Sea Salt Rosemary & Black Pepper

Northeast BBQ

It had to be done.

Assemble the best ingredients known to mankind, cook it on a vintage cast iron hibachi using lump charcoal.

Finish with Cape Ann Sea Salt Co. Rosemary and Black Pepper Flake Sea Salt.

Lobster from Captain Joe & Sons Lobster.

Check out the video-

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Lobster Land Osprey Update

A little update on the Essex Greenbelt osprey nest behind Lobsta Land: three chicks appear to be thriving now about 4.5 weeks old. They have been named Liz, Vivi and Rusty.  Very soon we should see spreading wings when we watch the osprey cam (located at this link).  Not long after that, they will take flight. They would be expected to remain with their parents for about 2 more months after fledging, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. 

They are getting big and seem pretty active. This is a screenshot from the webcam and you can see Annie, Squam and the 3 chicks. 

Have you purchased your tickets to sail with @beauportcruiselines for their Summer Dinner Cruise Series?


Have you purchased your tickets to sail with @beauportcruiselines for their Summer Dinner Cruise Series? They set sail every Thursday and Saturday this summer! Tickets are selling fast, check out the upcoming dates below and purchase your tickets today, link in their bio! Upcoming dates: July 18th, July 23rd and July 25th!

*Every Thursday and Saturday starting on July 16th, *join us for weekly sunset dinner cruises sailing around Gloucester Harbor. Enjoy a classic New England Lobster Bake Dinner, cocktail service and music in the background while taking in the ocean breeze and views.

Cruise Dinner Info

  • 6:30pm Board
  • 7:00-9:00pm Sail
  • Traditional New England Lobster Bake Plated Dinner, New England Clam Chowder & Freshly Baked Virgilio’s Rolls, Lobster – 1 ¼Lb Steamed with Drawn Butter, Barbeque Chicken with tangy BBQ sauce, ColeSlaw, Corn on the Cob, Roasted Red Bliss Potatoes, Cheesecake with Strawberries or Chocolate Mousse Dessert
  • Cocktail…

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Free Samples of CBD Pain Management/Anti-Imflammatory Topicals

Cape Ann Wellness

12 Rogers Street Gloucester 978-985-4592

We tend to get a lot of questions regarding the most effective way to manage pain. Is a topical treatment better than supplementing with the oil? Is there a certain amount I should be using? How long will it take to kick in?

Firstly we would like to note that the best way to treat pain is typically by attacking it from both sides (an external application as well as an internal application). This can be achieved by pairing a low to moderate dose of oil under the tongue in addition to applying a pain cream to the affected area. The benefits of using both oil and cream is that you will need much less of each product to achieve pain relief. Additionally, when using the oil, it enhances the effect of the topical treatment so as to make it more potent, and last much…

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