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Are you up for the 13-2 Gloucester beaches challenge? 13 beaches. 2 jumps. 1 city. Go! #Staycation #safecation #Covid19

Covid-19 and summer brought an old post to mind. Reposting summer 2020; First published in July 2016.


Are you up for a Gloucester beaches challenge?

A mid-week vacation day is the easiest. Oh, and you’ll need your resident beach sticker. We prepped our car with a picnic blanket for the seat, extra towels, and ice waters. Start early and grab a big  “lobsterjack”  breakfast because you’ll need the fuel. End late.

Let’s establish some base rules here.

First off, you need to spend at least 15 minutes at each beach. (You can tweak this a little if you want.) Next, you need to dive under. We suggest a ritual for each beach, e.g. ‘The Five and Dive’. Finally, you have to stop for ice cream and candy. Remember, you can do these beaches (or others or quarries in Gloucester) and jumps in any order. Be flexible for different ages and unexpected delays like staying at one beach for hours, or a friend asking you to drop off a sub (*cough* Joey *cough*). Most importantly, you have to do at least 13 beaches and 2 jumps in one day. Mind the tides. Be grateful we have so many choices.

The Beaches- partial list

alphabetical order

Annisquam lighthouse.  Coffin’s beach.  Good Harbor beach.  Long beach. Magnolia beach. Niles beach. Pavilion beach (by Beach Court). Pavilion beach bonus (by the cut). Plum Cove beach. Rocky Neck Oakes Cove beach. Stage Fort Park (1) – Cressy’s beach ( our alt. title ‘sea serpent’ big beach). Stage Fort Park (2) – Half Moon beach. Wheeler’s Point. Wingaersheek beach.

The Jumps- partial list

Annisquam bridge. Magnolia Pier.

*We did this challenge at least once each summer. (In 2016) we started off with breakfast at Willow’s Rest and continued from there. Our timing was random especially as we spent hours at Wingaersheek. The second meal to get us through the day came from the sandwich counter at Annie’s by Wingaersheek. Yes, they have a sandwich counter.

Gloucester Beaches sandwich directory




The Jam w/ Dennis & Joe – LIVE STREAM/FACEBOOK Monday @ 8pm 7.27.2020



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Happy hot Monday, Jamily!!! 🌞
We hope to see you seeing us, TONIGHT!! Another amazing lineup coming atcha! …

Jim Coyle – 8:00-8:20
Mark Matejik + Andrea Hall (Soulitude)-8:25-8:40
Joe Kessler – 8:45-9:00
Tony Goddess – 9:05-9:30
Renee Dupuis+Joe Cardoza+Dennis Monagle – 9:35-9:55
Amanda Cook – 10:00-10:15
Walt Kolenda – 10:20-10:35
John Newcomer – 10:40-1100

*virtual tip jar to keep the Jam rolling:

Ospreys Exercising Wings

I was watching the Lobsta Land ospreys online and was excited to see one of the chicks exercising its wings shortly after one parent left the nest. You can clearly see all three chicks looking much more like ospreys now. They are expected to fledge soon, usually about 2 months after hatching ( which was around June 13/14). Check out the Essex Greenbelt Osprey Cam at to keep up with the actions and antics of Rusty, Vivi and Liz and their parents Annie and Squam. Screenshots from the webcam:

Large Lion’s Mane Jellyfish Filmed By Eric Swanson

Hi Joey
Your viewers might like to see a large Lions Mane jellyfish I videoed today not too far from Gloucester harbor. I estimate its bell diameter at about 3ft and the tentacles about 30 feet long.

I saw another on the surface the day before and also video that one but it was only about 1 ft in diameter.


CBD For Overall Wellness!

Cape Ann Wellness

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis and hemp plants. As well as CBD, the Cannabis plant contains between 70- 100 other cannabinoids. CBD interacts with your body through your endocannabinoid system (ECS) the vast system that controls your body’s general state of balance or homeostasis. The ECS regulates everything from mood, memory, the immune system, pain signaling and inflammatory response. CBD has shown to help support functions such as appetite, mood, immune response, pain, sleep and many many more. By supporting your ECS through CBD, we are returning our bodies back to it’s optimal state.

Come visit us at 12 Rogers Street Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11-4 and try some free samples of CBD oil and topicals.  Free samples, free consultations by CBD certified specialists.  978-985-4592

12 Rogers Street Gloucester 978-985-4592

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Streaming Nia and Restorative Yoga Classes via Zoom with Linda All Free! Week of July 27th Nia Routine: Summer Songs Last week new routine next week More Nia on 1623 Studios New time for Restorative Yoga on Wednesdays-5 PM!

Cape Ann Wellness


Join us for some Summertime fun.  We will dance and sing to these classic Summer tunes, including Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini. More fun than a day at the beach or a drive in a convertible at the Drive In.  Plus no ants or mosquitos.  Looks like these ladies have some of our moves.

If you are new to Nia with Linda, these streaming classes are free.  Share with anyone who you feel needs a little movement and fun in their lives during this period of social isolation.

So here is how it works.  It will be easier for you if you download the Zoom client for meetings for a desktop or laptop, or the app for phones and tablets.

Click here for the link to download the client or the app

Then click on this link to bring to my website and the list of streaming…

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