New business! Argentino Plastering helping Carl’s Cones ice cream open “the sooner the better!” 185 Washington Street #GloucesterMA

Argentino plastering  is building out the new Carl’s Cones ice cream parlor (in the space formerly occupied by  Paprika Grill and Scroo Cooking). Fixtures from Salah’s ice cream at George’s across the street were acquired and repurposed for this site.

Carl’s Cones hopes to open… “the sooner the better!”

New pub: The Office at George’s plus outdoor seating at George’s Coffee Shop

George’s Coffee Shop expanded.

The Office at George’s — “Thirsty…You won’t be!”– a new local pub and local music and events will be open soon in the space of their former ice cream shop, Salah’s. (Some of the fixtures related to the ice cream business were repurposed for new owners opening across the street.) Also, George’s Coffee Shop added **new** outdoor seating as an option in response to Covid-19 phased re-opening.


The Office at George's local pub_20200727_Gloucester Mass ©c ryan (2)


Upgrades at O’Maley School thanks to DPW #GloucesterMA

Before*(about March 2020) | After (July 2020)


Mike Hale, Director of DPW,  and Jeff Destino, VP at O’Maley, reviewed top to-do list items at O’Maley back in January 2020, before Covid-19 hit. They also consulted with the principal and teachers, mentioning Ms. Crosby as one point of contact. The third floor (7th grade wing) was deemed “the most tired”. DPW slated work for February and April vacations with more lined up for the summer. When the pandemic closures ensued, many of these projects were ready to roll. Essential improvements and remodel efforts inside O’Maley include a wide assortment of interventions and upgrades by the DPW team: floor cleaning/refinishing/buffing (perpetual! a la Golden Gate Bridge painting); fresh coat of paint in various classrooms (in consultation with the teachers); wall repairs; 8 bathroom renovations; custom murals with hand painting by Jason Burroughs; built-in benches and high top counter; remodel of the resource officer’s room; renovation of one of the teacher lounges; and new classroom clocks.

About those classroom clocks. Ralph B. O’Maley (O’Maley) school was built ca.1972 and first class welcomed in ’74. The original classroom clocks were synced (hardwired and controlled from the main office) and no longer operational and hadn’t been for some time. They were kept up until they couldn’t be; after so much time the manufacturer was long gone. Bids for repairing the classroom clock system were astronomical. Instead, DPW replaced them with new clocks, automatically synced and operated via a wireless station in the Commons.

(update: *phase one is 50 replacement clocks- 30 more to be added if these do all they should)



The hodgepodge assortment of abandoned seats and folding tables in the teachers’ break room were replaced with quality and safe amenities.


Two large bathrooms on the ground floor and six small bathrooms on the third floor were renovated. The bathrooms looked rough and dated. Swapping out elements with smart design choices have made a huge difference. New non-porous epoxy flooring in stock colors, fixtures, ceiling tiles, and brushed aluminum wall squares (to clean up and conceal fifty years of mismatched accessory drill holes) work wonders.


AFTER bathroom remodel_DPW renovations at O'Maley school since March 2020 Gloucester Mass_photo copyright ©c ryan (5)

Similarly, spot design choices in long halls appeared to complete punch items lingering from the original build. For instance, random walls of cinder blocks– where banks of lockers were planned for and never needed–are now sheet rocked and finished. Others were repaired and painted. The odd, old wood base runners and lifts (again related to locker banks) were removed. Built in custom benches in one hall and a counter for another clean up long corridors and are functional for these spaces in ways they hadn’t been before. Paint color, good quality “brag” boards, and painted quotes were selected by teachers and students. Jason Burroughs hand painted the custom selected phrases.


Custom built-ins


Wall murals hand lettering by Jason Burroughs


Classrooms – Cleaned up walls and fresh coats of paint (colors selected by teachers)


Teacher’s desk rather than folding table (bonus- match case goods already there)

Acquisition of case-goods in some classrooms was necessary. For instance, this teacher’s desk is no longer a folding table.


Mike Hale describes the recent DPW O’Maley interior projects as small yet necessary and beneficial to staff and students alike. He added,

“Coming in at roughly $100,000/ $10,000**, all in all they’re worthy, and relatively short money on the return.” 

-Mike Hale

Note from author- typo- $100,000 for this work (includes less than $10,000 for clocks).


Exterior efforts at O’Maley include: new trees; garden sprucing; and sign appearing brand new and now sporting Gloucester colors–out with the green/gold in with the red. See prior post related to the completed (long planned) courtyard improvement phase


BEFORE O'maley green sign_ courtesy photo_O'Maley Gloucester Mass. © Mike Hale
AFTER O'Maley sign repainted_20200727_Gloucester Mass ©c ryan (3)

AFTER exterior- DPW renovations at O'Maley school since March 2020 Gloucester Mass_photo copyright ©c ryan

*Before snapshots courtesy Director of  Public Works, Mike Hale.

Part-time Ice Delivery Driver needed!

Part-time Ice Delivery Driver needed! As the summer winds down, several of our very “cool” seasonal drivers head back to school, both as teachers & students, and we need to fill their positions.

Cape Pond Ice is looking for a reliable truck driver / Ice Delivery person for 2-3 shifts a week. Must be fit & have good driving record. Operating from Peabody & Gloucester; Delivering to the North Shore, Merrimack Valley, Southern New Hampshire & Cape Ann.

Please email: to apply, or visit our 104 Commercial Street, Gloucester, Ma location during office hours, 9 – 2 weekdays.



-- Scott Memhard, President CAPE POND ICE COMPANY, INC. aka Bresnahan Ice/United Party Rental, Lawrence & Peabody Icehouse 104 Commercial Street, Fort Wharf Gloucester, MA 01930 tel:  978-283-0174 FAX 978-283-3714 cell:  978-879-9394

Amy Miller Loves Gloucester

Dear Joey,
Good afternoon. Hi. My name is Amy and I have loved Gloucester since I was a little kid.
Now, I’m a big kid and live in the North Shore , and am taking photography lessons and come up to Gloucester to walk and take photos for class
Well, I’ve gotten really good and this morning, I met a guy who writes a little blog for you
I don’t know his name
But I wondered if you might like to see or have some of my photos.Let me know
And stay cool up there
Amy Miller

Magnolia Community Farmers Market

Remember to shop local to help our neighbors businesses.

Welcome to a new market week!!! You all should know that because of YOUR support by shopping locally, the market busted through our previous sales record this past week, setting a new milestone with sales 33% HIGHER than our last highest record! We can’t thank you enough, for your continued support of our vendors and the market!
And with that, happy shopping this week, the market is OPEN!

Condo construction resumes at the corner of Witham and Thatcher

After a lull, construction has resumed across from Good Harbor Beach at the corner of Thatcher and Witham. The property is legally described as Assessors Map 184, Lots #5 and #9, also known as 70-74 Thatcher Road.   (Brier Neck Shores project)

Witham and Thatcher_20200720_Gloucester Mass

new sign

condos across from Good Harbor Beach Gloucester mass_20200727_©c ryan

Gloucester Little League Raffle Baskets

Want to win an awesome raffle basket….AND support Gloucester Little League?  Of course you do!   Look at just some of the great baskets that Gloucester Little League will be raffling off.  With the help of some very motivated members and volunteers, Gloucester Little League was able to pull off an abbreviated season and the players (and their families) are so excited to be back on the field.  With all sorts of important Covid precaution protocols in place, however, the concession stands obviously could not open.  A large portion of the league’s fundraising comes from those concessions.  So, there is no better time to support your local ball players than right now!

Tickets cost $5 for 1 and $20 for 6.  You can either Venmo Melissa FrancisMeagan Marrone or Jennifer Johnson or mail a check to GLL at 30 Webster Street c/o Jeff Francis.

The Facebook Live Raffle will happen on August 6th….so, if you’re writing a check be certain to mail it soon!  

Get them while you can…


Relaxing evening at Oliver’s Harbor

We returned to one of our “regular” stops on Main Street for dinner at Oliver’s Harbor. Masked servers happy to assist, great view, safely separate seating made for a lovely evening. The lobster carbonara was very good, lightly sauces and full of fresh peas and bacon. Jim had the Cobb salad with chicken which he enjoyed very much. Always a treat. Thanks, Oliver’s Harbor!