Fanduel Latest Betting Odds On where Brady Will Play Next Year- My Take

The Homie Cast


Joey’s take:

So you could bet $180 to win $100 that he’ll play for New England

Bet $100 to win $750 if he plays for the Chargers.

My gut says he stays in New England where his legacy is.  i think he’d take a couple million less per year to stay with the Patriots but not 5 million or more less.

Only a couple other places other than New England I could see him going would be:

The Chargers because LA would be a cool place for Gizelle and his family and there are offensive weapons.  they’re opening a new stadium and might throw ALL the money at him to fill seats much like the Raiders.

The Titans because of Vrabel and having a great offensive line and Henry the beast running back that would take a lot of defensive attention away from the passing game.

Long shot Vegas…

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