My Wife Katelyn Says This One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush Is A Game Changer- 6 Minutes To Dry Her Hair And It’s Never Looked Healthier.

Katelyn Ciaramitaro writes:

O. M. G. You MUST buy this ladies. Thanks to Rebecca, I purchased this item. I did based on her recommendations and other reviews. I tried it tonight. 6 minutes. 6 MINUTES to dry my hair and I didn’t have to straighten it after. You MUST purchase this. Long hair. Frizzy hair. Curly hair. Short hair. This, my friends, this is GOLD.

THANK me later ladies.


Still Tides Massage and Spa

Met with Jillian Blaisdell last week who just opened a new spa on Lexington Avenue.  After talking with her realize how many of us need this treatment.  She is very delightful and her spa is beautiful.  The photos are thanks to Jillian for sending to me.  Also please listen to her video I took last week.  Definitely on my bucket list.  Still Tides phone number is 978-325-1120

15 Lexington Avenue Unit 2

Gloucester, MA  01930

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Dogtown Writers Festival: Finding words in Place

THE DOGTOWN WRITERS FESTIVAL: FINDING WORDS IN PLACE Friday, September 27 and Saturday, September 28, 2019. The Dogtown Writers Festival is an event that the Gloucester Writers Center has designed to provide multiple creative opportunities for writing in unique venues, ensuring that all voices are heard. Join us and other fellow writers in exploring and celebrating PLACE, with Cape Ann as a microcosm of the global macrocosm. The festival will be looking at what shapes our progressive future without losing “grounding” in our cultural roots and the history we grow out of. We will develop our personal connection with the “geography of our being”—the place in which we live, work, and create, whether that place is Cape Ann or beyond. It is what poet Vincent Ferrini referred to as the Holy Local,” a lens through which to look at the world. Our workshops, keynote speakers, and panel discussions will explore, through dialogue and writing, the themes of: “Words in Place,” “Words Over Time,” and “Words in People—Voices of Cape Ann.” “What cannot be taken away-/the/Temple/outside/me/ in me/ I am inside /of life is the poem.” ~ Vincent Ferrini “Exploration of the HOLY LOCAL, the inner and outer worlds that we are all heir to.” ~Henry Ferrini **THE ENTIRE SCHEDULE FOR THE FESTIVAL IS LISTED BELOW THE WORKSHOPS.  WORKSHOP OFFERINGS:

Writing a 10 Minute Play—The Spoken Word with M. Lynda Robinson

Date/Time: September 28, 2019 : 1:30 pm- 4 pm Location:The North Shore Arts Association 11 Pirates Lane, Gloucester, Ma. 01930 See Full details or Sign up now

Voices of Dogtown—with Mark Carlotto, James Scrimgeour, and Carl Carlsen

Date/Time: September 28, 2019 : 1:30 pm- 4 pm Location:Dogtown Common Cherry Street, Gloucester, Ma. 01930 See Full details or Sign up now

The Big Picture—with Alan Weisman

Date/Time: September 28, 2019 : 1:30 pm-4 pm Location:Ocean Alliance 32 Horton Street, Rocky Neck, Gloucester, Ma. 01930 See Full details or Sign up now

Somewhere Near in Your World—with Dorothy Shubow Nelson

Date/Time: September 28, 2019 : 1:30 pm-4 pm Location:The Gloucester Writers Center 126 East Main Street, Gloucester, Ma. 01930 See Full details or Sign up now

Silence Your Inner Critic and Create New Work—with Charlotte Gordon

Date/Time: September 28, 2019 : 1:30 pm-4 pm Location:The Maud/Olson Library 118 East Main Street, 2nd Fl, Gloucester, Ma. 01930 See Full details or Sign up now

Poetry in Place—with Sandra Williams

Date/Time: September 28, 2019 : 1:30 pm-4 pm Location:T.S. Eliot House 18 Edgemoor Road, Eastern Point, Gloucester, Ma. 01930 See Full details or Sign up now

One Place, Infinite Encounters—with Anna Solomon

Date/Time: September 28, 2019 : 1:30 pm-4 pm Location:The Sargent House Museum 49 Middle Street, Gloucester, Ma. 01930 See Full details or Sign up now

Effective Storytelling from Difficult Places—with Sandy Tolan

Date/Time: September 28, 2019 : 1:30 pm-4 pm Location:The Garland House (Old Bess) Eastern Point, Gloucester, Ma. 01930 See Full details or Sign up now

EVENT DETAILS: FRIDAY, September 27, 2019 5 pm- 7 pm: The Gloucester House, 63 Rogers Street, Gloucester, Ma. This is a pre-Keynote cocktail reception open only to participants of the workshops, moderators, instructors, panelists, and DWF committee members.

7:30 pm: The Joseph Garland Keynote Address will be given by renowned author and journalist, Sandy Tolan. The Master of Ceremonies is author, award-winning photojournalist, and filmmaker, Nubar Alexanian. The evening will also feature Willa Brosnihan, a talented local high school student who will read an original poem. She is a writer/poet, and frequent winner of the Sawyer Free Library’s “Poetry without Paper” contest. Location: Gloucester City Hall, Dale Ave, 2nd floor, Gloucester, Ma. This event is open to the public and free. Doors open at 6:30pm.

Sandy Tolan: The Joseph Garland Keynote Address featured speaker and Workshop Instructor

Sandy Tolan once lived in Gloucester (with Joe Garland as a mentor). Sandy is a best-selling author, and an award-winning radio and print journalist who reports on and comments frequently about Palestine and Israel. He More…

Nubar Alexanian, Master of Ceremonies for “The Joseph Garland Keynote Address”

Nubar Alexanian is an acclaimed photojournalist who has worked for magazines in the U.S & Europe including Life Magazine, The New York Times Magazine, National Geographic and many others. He has six books in print, including JAZZ with More…

Willa Brosnihan: Young writer and poet

Willa Brosnihan is a high school student and staff writer for Gloucester High School’s newspaper, The Gillnetter, and the co-editor of the school’s literary magazine, The Elicitor. She has placed in the top three of her More…

************************************************************************************************* SATURDAY, September 28, 2019: 9 am- Noon: Cape Ann Museum, 27 Pleasant Street, Gloucester, Ma. For all workshop participants, instructors, moderators, panelists. Morning discussion panels will be moderated by author, JoeAnn Hart.

JoeAnn Hart: Lead Moderator for the discussion panels: “Words in Place,” “Words over Time,” and “Words in People—Voices of Cape Ann”

JoeAnn Hart is the author of the true crime memoir, Stamford ’76: A True Story of Murder, Corruption, Race, and Feminism in the 1970s (University of Iowa Press, April 2019), and the novels Float and Addled. Her short fiction, essays, and More…

Panelists include the authors Charlotte Gordon, Jim Scrimgeour, Alan Weisman, and Anna Solomon. There is also a light breakfast for all workshop participants that morning.

Noon- 1:15 pm: Lunch Break

1:30 pm- 4 pm: WORKSHOPS: There are a variety of workshops to be held in various locations in the Gloucester area. Each workshop description includes the location. Many writing genres are covered including poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and play-writing. There will also be a dedicated onsite workshop in Dogtown Common and a workshop specifically for high school students, ages 14-18.

5 pm- 9 pm: Plenum The Gloucester House Restaurant, 63 Rogers Street, Gloucester, Ma. At the conclusion of the workshops, there will be a dinner/cocktail reception for all workshop participants, instructors, moderators, panelists, DWF volunteers, GWC board members, and invited special guests. There will be a dedicated “Words in People—Voices of Cape Ann” panel with author JoeAnn Hart serving as moderator, featuring panelists best-selling author Anita Diamant and author and Dogtown Common expert, Mark Carlotto. The evening will include food, cash bar, a free book raffle for participants, open mic readings of selected writings from the days’ workshops, and other tailored and themed events.

Anita Diamant: Panelist, “Words in People—Voices of Cape Ann”

Anita Diamant is the author of twelve books. Her first novel, New York Times bestseller, The Red Tent, has been published in more than 25 countries and was adapted into a two-part miniseries by Lifetime More…


Mark Carlotto: Workshop Instructor and Panelist

Mark Carlotto is an aerospace engineer who got lost in Dogtown soon after moving to Gloucester more than fifteen years ago. Since then he has researched, explored, and mapped Dogtown and the inland woods of More…

*************************************************************************************** The Dogtown Writers Festival is generously funded in part by: The Garland Legacy Project Democracy. History. Community. Environment. Throughout his life in Gloucester, historian and writer Joseph E. Garland advocated for a fully engaged citizenry to preserve the city’s integrity, authenticity, and transparency as a democratically participatory community. Joe recognized that the very fabric of Gloucester’s cultural identity was at risk of dissolution in the face of larger industrial shifts fundamentally changing its socioeconomic landscape. His impassioned writing served as a community conscience, prodding citizen involvement in preserving Gloucester’s history and heritage. The Garland Legacy Project arose from the vision of Helen Garland and family members to ensure that Joe’s central values would continue to inspire and guide key endeavors which were dear to him. The Garland Legacy Project honors Gloucester’s history, culture, and natural environment by providing support to innovative Gloucester programs that advance citizen self-governance, historic awareness of place and purpose, leadership in ocean and all environmental stewardship, preservation of the “commonwealth,” the importance of the written word, the literary arts, and the pursuit of peace. The Garland Legacy Project strives to ensure that these defining values embraced by Joe and Helen Garland remain vibrant and relevant, serving to promote a just, compassionate society, a transparent accountable government, and a sustained healthy planet. ************************************************************************************************* The Gloucester Writers Center and the Dogtown Writers Festival committee thanks the Mass Cultural Council for their generous grant and the following organizations and friends for their donation of locations for our workshops and discussion panels. We appreciate their generosity and spirit of community!

City of Gloucester Hosts a Safe and Successful Riverfest Seaside Musical Festival


Gloucester Mayor Sefatia Romeo Theken today announced an estimated 15,000 concert goers packed Stage Fort Park for the 18th Annual Riverfest Seaside Music Festival on Saturday.  On an absolutely beautiful summer day the festival, in its Gloucester location debut, which was free and open to the public, was an overwhelming success.

The festival, produced by radio station WXRV 92.5 the River, featured a line-up that included Tall Heights, Mt. Joy, Noah Kahan and headlined Guster.  Several food trucks, multiple vendors, and activities for children were set-up offering something for everyone who attended the family-friendly event.

Mayor Romeo Theken said, “Riverfest Seaside Music Festival has attracted huge crowds in the past and this year was no different.  Credit for the great event is due to my team for their outstanding preparation and day of event management.   It was wonderful to see so many people enjoying the concert, one another’s’ company, and our beautiful City.”


Public safety personnel were set up in numerous areas throughout the park and also roamed the grounds.   For an event this large we are happy to report that there were no notable public safety issues.  There were only a handful of minor medical issues were folks were treated and released on-site.  Two lost children and several lost credit cards were reunited with their families/owners.  More than anything, the layout, flow of foot traffic and coordination made the event, even among thousands of attendees, a major accomplishment for the City.

The City implemented a successful traffic management plan that helped mitigate traffic and pedestrian impact on the community.   Traffic was congested as attendees arrived and departed the music festival.  Gloucester Police Department helped direct traffic that facilitated a safe and orderly egress at the conclusion of the event.  “No concert parking” signs were posted at the beginning of more than a dozen streets in and around the Stage Fort Park Area.  Two parking enforcement officers were on duty enforcing traffic and/or parking violations throughout the day.

More than a dozen Department of Public Works (DPW) staff managed on-site and off-site parking operations as well as property management at Stage Fort Park for the event.  Parking was available at Stage Fort Park, as well as, nearby Gloucester High School.  Two satellite parking lots, at O’Maley Innovation School and Magnolia Woods, offered shuttle services to and from Stage Fort Park.  It was important to us and we were pleased to offer free parking at any event parking lot to residents with a beach parking sticker.

The event concluded at 6 PM on Saturday and by dusk all the vendors had left, the area cleaned, trash picked up and the main stage structure disassembled and taken away.  The remaining tents were taken down by Gloucester based The Event Company by noon on Sunday.  DPW personnel conducted a final walk through and clean-up of the park later that day.   As planned, we wanted the park in its pre-concert condition as soon as possible for the enjoyment of residents and park guests.

It was announced in April that the annual music festival was moving to Gloucester.  City teams had been in discussions for months prior and since then working on event management, traffic mitigation, and safety plans.   Everything ran smoothly as a direct result of seamless collaboration between the nearly three dozen city employees from the Mayor’s Office, Community Development, DPW, Police, Fire and the Harbormaster’s Office who managed all aspects of the event.

Mayor Romeo Theken said “Thank you to all Gloucester residents for your cooperation and patience.  You were essential to the overwhelming success of the day.  Our team was very well prepared for this event. My sincere thanks and appreciation to the city team who staffed this event.  You continue to make me proud each and every day for what we can accomplish together for this City.”

The City has not yet debriefed with local businesses but believes there was economic impact as a direct result from the event.  Many festival guests came early and stayed late and had the chance to experience Gloucester and visit many local businesses.

An operational debrief meeting is scheduled for later this week to discuss the event, what worked and what needs improvement.  The City is aware that additional discussion and planning needs to take place regarding traffic and parking on Western Avenue.  That is a long-standing issue not specific to this event but all events at Stage Fort Park.  To help supplement that debrief session Mayor Romeo Theken is soliciting feedback from Gloucester residents and Riverfest attendees.  Please send any comments to


Headlining act Guster gave a fantastic and fabulous-in-every-way show at the Riverfest Seaside Music Festival Saturday afternoon. They played all the fan favorites for a wonderfully fun and eclectic audience. Some of my favorite songs from their beautiful repertoire of music included “Amsterdam, “Do You Love Me,” “This Could All Be Yours,” “Homecoming King,” “Satellite,” “Stay With Me Jesus,” and many, many more. Video with music highlights to come later this week 🙂

Although I had to work most of the day and didn’t get to the event until after 3:30, the festival went fabulously well, from this fan’s perspective. A huge shout out to Donald St. Sauveur and radio 92.5 The River (the best rock radio station, bar none!), Mayor Sefatia and her team for bringing Riverfest to Gloucester, to Jill Cahill and Gloucester’s stellar DPW for the advanced planning and organizing (Stage Fort Park looked absolutely gorgeous!), to all the sponsors, and especially to the fans. Everyone was having a grand time-enjoying the music, dancing, spending time with family and friends, and just having fun.

Thank you festival organizers for a wonderfully new and exciting event for Gloucester! I hope it is the the first of many Riverfests to come!!!

Backyard Diversity

Our home in New York is in a very rural area and we are accustomed to seeing quite a variety of wildlife, but it does not compare at all to what we see in our Gloucester backyard on a daily basis.

Hawk dancing

Deer dinner time


Always thrilled to see the orioles

Mom cardinal feeding the youngster

Cape Ann License Plate Low Number Online Auction Goes Live This Morning Monday, August 26th

Cape Ann License Plate Low Number Online Auction goes live Monday morning, August26th. You can always get a plate at


Cape Ann License Plate

The prettiest stretch of coastline in all of Massachusetts, Cape Ann offers you big-city culture mixed with small-town charm and exciting activities.

Cape Ann is one of the last great unspoiled places. Founded by Pilgrims in 1623, named for England’s Queen Anne, the cape sprouted villages along its coast, leaving its whole center a wild wood. Every curve of its rugged coastline shows off a new scenic beauty: harbors, lighthouses, islands, miles of sandy beaches, quarries, inlets and coves, all so picturesque that moviemakers film here constantly. Visit for more info on the region.

69 is currently still available for all the people that have been writing in asking-


Live Music August 27: Gorrell-Landoni Duo at Feather and Wedge


Join Feather & Wedge for dinner and an evening of great jazz with the Gorrell-Landoni Duo.

This accomplished jazz duo will perform music from the Great American Songbook as well as arrangements pop, R&B, and original compositions.

Tuesday, August 27
7:30 – 10:00 PM

Reservations highly suggested! 978.999.5917

Zach Gorrell Dave Landoni

Feather & Wedge, 5 Main Street, Rockport, MA 019166

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