GloucesterCast 351 with Ralph DiGiorgio, Chris McCarthy, Elise Sinagra, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/4/19

GloucesterCast 351 with Ralph DiGiorgio, Chris McCarthy, Elise Sinagra, Kim Smith and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 8/4/19


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Topics Include:
Kim brought in a poisonous Cecropia Moth
Pat Dalpiaz is on the shiat list after blowing off the podcast two weeks in a row and then rubbing my nose in in her hummingbird feeder success
Elise Sinagra on assignment for Northshore Magazine
Cape Cod Lobster Sign Vs Cape Ann Lobster Sign- Thank you to for bringing up how Cape Ann Once Again Dominates.
Gloucester Rocks Ettiquette Facebook – Brenda Davis
Ask Ralph: W
Gloucester locals that carry their own personal coozies to bars are true professionals (you know who you are)
Sugar Mag’s For Lunch
Short and Main
Cape Ann Reads “Once Upon a Contest” Is Now At Sawyer Free Library
Tuesday Is The Coastal Waterbird Conservation Cooperators Meeting
Banner Year For Monarchs



A Bottlenose Dolphin mother off the coast of French Polynesia was spotted caring for a Melon-headed Whale.



Bottlenose dolphins are doting mothers, nursing, protecting, and playing with their youngsters for up to six years.

Now, new research has revealed the first known case of a wild bottlenose mom adopting a calf of another species.

In 2014, researchers spotted a bottlenose mother caring for an unusual-looking male calf, along with what was presumed to be her biological calf, in coastal waters off French Polynesia.

While bottlenose dolphins have slender beaks, the mysterious one-month-old’s beak was short and blunt. Eventually, the scientists identified the orphan as a melon-headed whale—an entirely different species and genus of dolphin.

“We were really excited to be able to witness such a rare phenomenon,” says study lead author Pamela Carzon, scientific leader of the Groupe d’Étude des Mammifères Marins (GEMM) de Polynésie, based in Tiputa, French Polynesia.

Adoption is uncommon among wild mammals, with most occurring between related members of the same species. The only other scientifically documented case involving an adopted orphan of a different species and genus was in 2006, when University of São Paulo primatologist Patrícia Izar observed a group of capuchins caring for a baby marmoset. “At the time, we were really, really astonished,” she says.


So Chris has spent $520 on bait, traps, buoys, supplies and a newly lost gaff that needed to be replaced.

He’s hauled a total of three times since June 8th and he has caught a total of 8 lobsters in the ten traps he purchased (8 of which he can still find)

So we’re at a cost of $65 per lobster which was far better than his cost per lobster average after his second haul which was stuck at $250 per lobster.

Attracting Hummingbirds

We are very happy to have several hummingbirds that show up pretty regularly in our Magnolia yard. I knew they can be attracted by the color red, and I knew they like to feed on sugar water so we set our feeder up accordingly. Then we sat back and watched.

We also worked on attracting orioles by using an orange colored feeder, fresh oranges and grape jelly to tempt them. It worked well, even if other birds also like oranges.

What I was not expecting was to see hummingbirds feeding off the grape jelly! Bonus! Makes sense considering the sugar content and texture, so perhaps this is a tip some of you looking to attract hummingbirds (Joey, Chris etc) could use.

Cheers for the pier, OH WHAT A NIGHT

Thank you all who donated and came to the most amazing night, Cheers for the Pier.  So much fun, the crowds were awesome, the bidding, and the raffle ticket, the organizers made this night so much fun.  We had kids who sold popsicles on the beach and made $160, dancing and most important a fun time for all.  The Pier committee was amazing and everything was terrific.

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Kenny MacCarthy / Bob and Sue McDermott / Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty

Photo: Sunset from Rowley Shore Road, Gloucester MA

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