300TH SOLAR INSTALLATION ON CAPE ANN BY CAZEAULT SOLAR & HOME. Get A Free Consultation- Contact Tim Sanborn at 774-228-3411

Cazeault Solar & Home celebrates their 300th SOLAR INSTALLATION on Cape Ann with Mr. Sal D’Angelo of Gloucester!!

“Cazeault Solar & Home was recommended by my friend, Larry Ingersoll. The entire process with Cazeault Solar & Home was seamless with no effort and no sweat by us! Jon and the Cazeault team were great. I would highly recommend Cazeault Solar & Home” Sal D’Angelo, Gloucester, MA.

“The D’Angelo solar installation was interesting as it presented us with some challenges but we had the skills and capabilities to overcome these challenges and present a great product for the client” states Sam Ziergiebel, GM for Cazeault Solar& Home.

 pictured left to right (Sam Ziergiebel, Tim Sanborn, Home owner Sal D’Angelo, Jon Macomber )

Get A Free Consultation- Contact Tim Sanborn at 774-228-3411


I stopped by on my way home from work, fully expecting to see all three chicks hatched. Dad was sitting on the nest and two fluffy chicks were zooming in and out. He left the nest for a moment and wonderful luck of luck, the third chick was making its appearance!!

When I write messy, it is because while the third chick was hatching, the two older ones needed to thermoregulate, or cuddle, beneath the parent’s wing. There was a great deal of seeming disorder going on beneath the canopy provided by Dad’s fluffed out feathers.

Because the two older siblings were running in and out of the nest, as well as the parents leaving to discard the remaining chick’s eggshell pieces, I had a longer window into the third chick’s hatching (by mere seconds, I mean). Plus the twelve-hour-old chicks were just as adorable as could be!

From a nest of three eggs, two chicks hatched at dawn and the third, at day’s end. During both times, I had my movie camera on a tripod zoomed in on the nest and was able to film and simultaneously take still photos. A very unforgettable and happy day!!!!!!!!!!

Mom switched places with Dad but only stayed for a few moments before hopping up quickly. All three chicks were in the nest. You can see the newly hatched chick with its two older siblings. 

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Hello World! Eyes barely open and first peek at the world.

Twelve-hour-old chick -my what big feet I have 🙂

This Weekend in the Arts 8/2-5/2019

Hammond Castle Museum Shop
Featured Artist: Bonnie Jeanne (B.J.) Faulkner

August 1st – 31st

Artist reception: August 5th from 5:30 – 7pm
Meet the artist and enjoy light refreshments.

80 Hesperus Ave
Gloucester MA 01930

Visit Hammond Castle Museum during the month of August for our featured artist. Artist and illustrator, Bonnie Jeanne (B.J.) Faulkner has been a professional artist for the past 50 years. Her artistic talent was identified early in life when she was selected to attend art classes at the Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio. In 1969 Faulkner visited a solo exhibit of Matisse’s huge canvases at the Grand Palais in Paris, France. The experience left an indelible impression on Faulkner whose style is reminiscent of Duffy and Matisse. Her Art evokes a sense of elegance through her charming and colorful interpretations of the world’s most loved and traveled cities and villages. Also, a singer, her career as a singer is a strong influence on her art.
In 1996, Faulkner established her own artist-run gallery, the B.J. Faulkner Gallery in Lenox, Massachusetts in the Berkshires as a flagship location to showcase her work. That same year, Faulkner was commissioned by the Boston Symphony Orchestra to design the Tanglewood music festival poster. Faulkner’s illustrations have appeared on a range of products from note cards, to book covers for Prentice-Hall and others, as well as the United Airlines European destination poster. Her illustrations focus on travel, leisure, luxury, lifestyle, children, and theatrical projects. Influenced by travel, her paintings depict romantic townscapes, serene landscapes, and beautiful seaside motifs.

In 2007 Faulkner was honored to receive a Lifetime Achievement Award for her artistic talent from her alma mater Maumee Valley Country Day School in Toledo, Ohio. She has participated in numerous shows and fundraising events throughout her career.



Sidewalk Bazaar Starting on Thursday, August 1, 2019

Downtown Gloucester

+ Google Map

Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930 United States

August 2019

61st Annual Sidewalk Bazaar

August 1 @ 9:00 amAugust 3 @ 5:00 pm
Downtown Gloucester, Main Street
Gloucester, MA 01930 United States
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Now celebrating its 61st year, the Sidewalk Bazaar takes place on Main Street in downtown Gloucester. Over 120 vendors, street food, live music and children’s activities. Artists, Crafters, Food Vendors, Non-Profits, Kids Activities & Entertainers from near and far join Gloucester Merchants and Restaurants on the street for a fun and festive three days.The Sidewalk Bazaar is a Gloucester tradition that shouldn’t be missed.

Hot Temps in a Hot Market

Cape Ann Home

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer.  I wish I had more time myself, but mortgage rates are low and houses are moving fast.  Therefore my vacations will be limited to long weekends and later afternoon beach trips.

So how do the numbers look and why are things so busy?

According to both the Warren Group and National Associations of Realtors, the median Massachusetts price for a single family home climbed 2.1% in June 2019 for a median price of $429,000.00.  The surprising number is condo prices rose over 9% to a $420,000 median price.  That means that a once affordable condo, now costs on average the same price of a single family home.  The other misleading number is the median price as this takes into account all of Massachusetts.  Not until recently, the housing market west of 495 was slow compared to the eastern mass belts within 495 and…

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Today is the day!

Cape Ann Wellness

Yay!  We survived the last three weeks of Mercury Retrograde…phew!

Mercury puts lessons in front of us to learn from, let go of.  It’s actually a gift that doesn’t always come in a pretty wrapping with a bow on top but what we “can” learn is the best present ever!

Read on…   https://www.ayurvedawellnesshealing.com/mercury-goes-direct-today/

“Blockage is disease/Flow is health” 


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