A friend with a lovely garden just loaded with milkweed would like help this summer raising Monarchs. She is located in the Annisquam area. Last year Jane had so many eggs and caterpillars, she had a real time of it trying to take care of all. This year promises to be as good as, if not better than, last year.

If you would like Monarch eggs and information on how to take care of the eggs and caterpillars, please comment in the comment section, and we will provide you with Monarch babies!

Raising Monarchs with kids is the best!

Quick snapshot of Jane’s garden


  1. I would be very interested but have no milkweed. Can we get plants from her as well? I understand it spreads easily. I stupidly collected flowers last year assuming they had seeds. Forgot about the pods yet to form!

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  2. Hi, I’d love to hear more about the eggs. I have many milkweed plants in my garden waiting to be eaten, but getting to Annisquam from Arlington might be tricky for me.

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    Hi Jane!! I have my milkweed plants all ready to go, two of them and large in size. I also helped care for Christine Morey’s lunar moths a few summers ago when she jet setter off to the Bahamas so I have some experience, but any additional tips on care is totally welcomed!!

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  4. I’m sure my son would love to help out. We usually gather a few crysallis from our milkweed in Maine at the end of summer but this would be a new adventure for us.

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  5. Have lots of milkweed and only one monarch butterfly fluttering about so far! Would love some eggs if there are enough. In Annisquam.

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    1. Hi Jennifer, do you have enough milkweed to spare a small amount that I could plant? I have butterflies in my downtown yard, but no milkweed.

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  6. Dear Friends,

    There has been more interest than anticipated in Monarch eggs. Thank you to everyone for writing!

    At present, Jane has over 100 caterpillars in her kitchen. These will become butterflies within the month, and each female that emerges will lay between 300 to 700 eggs. I’ve compiled a list of everyone who left a comment. We are thrilled and grateful readers are so interested in helping raise Monarchs this summer. I will contact all as soon as Jane has a new batch of freshly laid Monarch eggs.

    In the meantime, I am going to type up some FAQs. I also suggest using a glass rectangular fish tank/terrarium, with a fitted screen top, for rearing the caterpillars. If you don’t have one, they are available at our local pet stores. Also, a package of cheese cloth. Along with a plentiful supply of milkweed, that’s all you will need.

    Thank you again and we’ll be in touch. ❤


  7. I love butterflies…I had an experience a long time ago raising them…..would love to be a part of the experience again!!! Thanks…


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