Deborah Cramer’s wonderful book The Narrow Edge translated into Spanish by Ana Lis Salotti now available!

The original English cover of The Narrow Edge, published by Yale University Press, and the new Spanish edition: Volando a orillas del mar:El viaje épico de un ave playera que une continentes, published by Vázquez Mazzini Editores in Buenos Aires.

An Interview with Ana Lis Salotti, Spanish translator of The Narrow Edge, the award-winning book by Deborah Cramer, under the Spanish title Volando a orillas del mar: El viaje épico de un ave playera que une continentes.

“…Deborah has a unique writing style that I tried to capture. It often feels like rolling waves landing on the beach: she develops concepts gradually, builds them up and gives them strength from within, with depth. She rolls out her writing slowly but powerfully, carrying the same depth from the beginning, leaving readers stirred but also with a feeling of hope and peace. It’s similar to the feeling a scientist must have observing birds on the immense beaches of Patagonia, or what ordinary people feel when we think about the delicate balance between shorebirds’ epic migrations and all the habitats they depend on…” excerpt from Ana Salotti the Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network interview Manomet, MA/Brunswick, ME

Read the complete interview here and see pictures of Deborah and Ana lis: 

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