Conversation with Gloucester local Scott Salah and Tim Sanborn about his Solar installation Contact Tim at 774-228-3411

Conversation with Gloucester local Scott Salah and Tim Sanborn about his Solar installation For a free Solar Consultation contact Tim at 774-228-3411

In the first video we talk with Scott about his solar install.  In the second video Tim Sanborn and I talk about the current Residential, commercial and Municipal  Incentives.




To view the flyers on the current incentives that are available hit the more button-

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PIPING PLOVER WEEKLY UPDATE -SIX PLOVERS AND THREE WILLETS! Plus Semi-palmated Plovers, Yellow Legs, a Least Sandpiper, and More Black-bellied Plovers

Six Piping Plovers (Saturday morning 5/18/19)

Five Semi-palmated Plovers (Monday morning 5/20/19)

Four Piping Plovers (Sunday night, Monday morning 5/19/19)

Three Willets (Saturday morning 5/18/19)

Two Black-bellied Plovers (Monday morning 5/20/19)

Two Yellow Legs (Tuesday morning 5/13/19)

One Least Sandpiper (Monday morning 5/20/19)

Sometime during Friday night, three additional Piping Plovers and three Willets arrived to Good Harbor Beach.

The three new PiPls made for a total of six spotted at sunrise on Saturday morning–our mated pair, the Bachelor, two new boys and a new girl. While Mama was on the nest, five foraged at the tidal flats. There were several territorial skirmishes before two flew off. I wasn’t able to wait to see if they returned.

Winsome Willets

Saturday morning also found three Willets foraging at the tidal flats. Although I didn’t see them later in the day, I did hear their wonderfully distinct calls. I wonder if they will stay. Willets breed in our area and I am fairly certain there was a nesting pair at the Good Harbor Beach salt marsh last summer, the first time I have ever seen Willets regularly there.

New girl on the scene

New boy on the scene

Sunday late afternoon/early evening four PiPls were at Good Harbor Beach. One on the nest, and three were foraging at the flats. More smack downs between the boys and I didn’t see the pretty female.

Papa Plover defending his nesting territory

Early Monday, and the four PiPls are still here, plus five Semi-palmated Plovers, one Least Sanderling, and two Black-bellied Plovers. The two Black-bellied Plovers were not the same as the two we saw last week. They  were frightened off by a flock of seagulls in flight and didn’t stay long. The Least Sandpiper, Black-bellied Plover, and Semi-palmated Plover breed in the tundra across extreme northern North America. Yellow Legs breed in the boreal forests, wetlands, and meadows of the far north. All four species are finding lots to eat at their Good Harbor Beach stopover.

Yellow Legs

Black-bellied Plover

Least Sandpiper

Semi-palmated Plover

Good eating at Good Harbor

May’s Full Flower Moon brought several very high tides, but our PiPl nest is tucked up safely near the dune edge. In the photo you can see how close the seaweed came to the nest.

High tides and beautiful sunrise Saturday morning

Watch Ocean Alliance on CBS News…

The last few weeks have been pretty exciting at Ocean Alliance hosting a number of television crews.

Two Saturday’s ago, Ocean Alliance had a CBS News shoot for a national news feature on SnotBot®. Host Tom Hanson interviewed Iain Kerr for the segment and filmed SnotBot® in action on Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. We had really great weather and experienced a feeding frenzy of seabirds, dolphins, finback and humpback whales. Ocean Alliance collected great behavioral footage along with a robust snot sample from a Finback whale that will be analyzed  for hormones, DNA, and microbiomes. The news story is planned to air on CBS News affiliated stations today, reaching a minimum of 5 million viewers!

Tom Hanson, CBS News interviewing Iain Kerr

 Fin whale lunge feeding on Stellwagen Bank

This past weekend actor/comedian Sir Billy Connolly spent three hours at the Paint Factory with Ocean Alliance filming a segment for Billy Connolly’s Great American Trail television show. The show will be broadcast on ITV in September 2019 and then worldwide. The production team was interested in filming in Gloucester because of the whaling history, wildlife, and Ocean Alliance’s new developments in whale research. Billy was able to test out our thermal imaging drone FLIRBot, and even fly a drone himself! It was a lot of fun hosting Billy and the production team at our Paint Factory headquarters. We’ll keep you updated on when the show will air.

Billy Connolly talk
Filming at Ocean Alliance for Billy Connolly’s Great American Trail
DBilly Connoly Thermal.jpg
Iain and Billy using FLIRBot

Last September, while on a Parley SnotBot expedition in Gabon, Africa the Ocean Alliance team filmed an episode of  BBC’s Equator from the Air.  For our UK friends the first episode will air on Sunday 26th May, on BBC Two at 20:00/8pm BST. The series will air at the same time each week for an additional three weeks. Look for it on BBC streaming in the near future.

SnotBot® collecting humpback whale blow in Gabon


To learn more about Ocean Alliance’s work and what is going on at the Paint Factory visit or follow us on social media.


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