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Mama on the nest

Our GHB Piping Plover family is doing beautifully and all appears to be going as expected. It’s almost been a week since the PiPls began incubating the eggs full time. Mama Pippi and Big Papi take turns at the nest, in approximately 20 to 30 minute intervals. The “changing of the guards” happens in seconds, but you can catch a glimpse of the eggs in the nest during the switch.

Pippi and Papi changing places. You can see all four eggs are present and accounted for.

The Bachelor is still around, and he is clearly unhappy, skulking in sandy depressions, and causing Papa to give him chase down the beach.

Big Papi lying in wait and readying to ambush the Bachelor

I have been filming PiPls at area beaches and our pair is on a similar egg laying schedule as several other pairs. It’s super interesting tracking all and noting the (mostly) similarities and some differences. At one location, the pair are nesting under a stick, just as are the GHB pair.

Our Good Harbor Beach Piping Plovers at the nest last Friday, before the wire exclosure was installed. Note what an awesome location they chose this year–it’s behind a rise of sand and is surrounded by plenty of twigs, dry seaweed, and bits of shell to help provide additional camouflage.

Piping Plover Dad nesting at a neighboring beach

The Boss says to Post Seasonal Openings. OK

So Joey assigned this cub reporter the task of seasonal openings when RD and I were hired back in 2010. If you search on “seasonal openings” on GMG I did pretty well for a few years. But I have slacked off.

Why? Two reasons.

• It’s 2019 and every opening is covered by the restaurant Facebook page and official website. I think, “Hmmm time for a fried fish sandwich at The Cupboard” and sure enough their Facebook page tells me they are open.

I’ll take a slice of American cheese on my fried fish sandwich to go so I can sit out on Gloucester outer harbor.

• Ah, but visitng The Cupboards official website points out why writing the seasonal openings is a pain in the ass. They are announcing the Schooner Festival in 2016 as their latest post!

Look, if your restaurant has plenty of customers go ahead and blow off social media and the internet and make sure your website looks like shit on my iPhone.

But if you might like new customers keep your presence on the internet fresh. Assign the busboy the task of posting a special every week. At least announce when you are going to open for the season.

I used to start seasonal openings on March 7 and build up the anticipation. Bah humbug. It’s May 12 and everything is open unless it’s not. Check their website. 🙂


Love that spring has come to Cape Ann even if the tulips on Stacey Boulevard are a little wet. Thanks to all the Volunteers at Generous Gardeners who spent hours hours planting tulips and daffodils in the fall. Cape Ann is ablaze in color; red, orange, pink, yellow, purple and white. While cleaning off the dirt, salt and grim from the toll the winter has taken on your car, how about adding a beautiful Cape Ann License Plate and showing home much you love this fabulous Cape Ann Community. Order today @Lovecapeann.com.

ON SATURDAY MAY 18Th from 9-12 ON STACEY BOULEVARD BY THE TENNIS COURT GENEROUS GARDENERS WILL HOLD THEIR ANNUAL PLANT SALE. This year they will be selling a lot of different lillies that they have divided from the ones you love on the Boulevard. They have a binder of the choices.

So make a point to come down and support this great Cape Ann organization and get some great additions to your garden.

Honey ~

Cape Ann Wellness

Ayurveda Wellness Healing, LLC and the benefits of honey…

Through the Ayurvedic lens, raw honey has many benefits including scraping fat and cholesterol from the body’s tissues making it the “go to” sweetener for kapha or anyone trying to reduce kapha in their body. However, eating a jar of honey is not going to create weight loss…Ayurveda is about balance so let moderation be your guide.

Ayurveda cautions that heating honey above 108 degrees F will render it toxic at the cellular level which could cause blockage of subtle energetic channels.

Today we know that when honey is heated its molecular structure changes; it coagulates and becomes sticky. This sticky glue-like substance can clog mucous membranes and arteries leading to cellular toxicity.

Buying and consuming local honey can help with allergies.


“Blockage is disease/Flow is health” 😊




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Jazz Brunch Featuring HARRY WAGG at Feather and Wedge in Rockport


Join Feather & Wedge for the best brunch on Cape Ann featuring music from Ipswich-based jazz guitarist Harry Wagg. Harry’s setlist is a combination of traditional jazz, contemporary classics and original compositions – all arranged for solo guitar.

Reservations highly suggested!  978.999.5917

Sunday, May 12
10:30 – 2:30 PM

Feather & Wedge, 5 Main Street, Rockport, MA 01966

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