Conversation with Dave and Peggy Reardon and Tim Sanborn about his Solar installation Contact Tim at 774-228-3411

Tim Sanborn goes down a checklist of questions that anyone interested in Solar should ask.

Conversation with Dave and Peggy Reardon and Tim Sanborn about his Solar installation Contact Tim at 774-228-3411

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One-day-old chicks foraging at the shoreline on a foggy Memorial Day Monday

It was a beautiful Memorial Day weekend in more ways than one. Piping Plover chicks have been hatching all around Massachusetts this past week and I was fortunate to observe two nests with a total of six one-day-old chicks zooming around beaches. We’re so blessed that our Good Harbor Beach pair are also on a relatively early track, which greatly increases the chicks chance of surviving.

Mama and Papa spent the weekend on the crowded beach incubating their eggs and foraging. Ironically, I think they benefitted from beach goers picnics (minus the gulls and crows). Papa spent a busy Monday morning pecking at the sand and devouring mouthfuls of large tasty black ants.


Many more hatchlings to come!

Artist Jason Burroughs has been busy! Reminder please come see his closing talk Thursday May 30th 5pm | Goetemann Artist Residency #GloucesterMA

artist JASON BURROUGHS_invited Goetemann Artist Residency May 2019_Rocky Neck Art Colony_work within the last year on one wall_new work in front_Gloucester MA_20190527_© c ryan (9).jpg

Throughout this Goetemann Artist Residency, Jason Burroughs carved out painting times while working at his full time job which goes with the territory of being an emerging fine artist. So what was different with this special honor on Rocky Neck? To begin with, he timed a full week off from work to coincide with the Residency, to devote his time exclusively to art. Burroughs doesn’t have an artist studio so it has been a luxury to have ample room and walls to surround himself with new works in process and recent series near by, and to spread out books and materials. He set himself a tall task of completing at least 15 new plein air works, all oils rendered in the field. He had new tubes of paint to work with thanks to a recognition award from the Cape Ann Plein Air quick draw. Paint is expensive and Gruppe’s quip about paint like you are a millionaire went through his mind as he struggled to capture what he saw and sought to express. A few times he painted side by side more seasoned artists that have become friends and mentors, which he enjoys. Mostly he adjusted to painting with oil, outside on the waterfront, throwing paint down and “putting in the work spending time looking, truly looking.” Burroughs wishes he had his own studio right here on Rocky Neck. The Goetemann Artist Residency was a dream come true this month.

photos: sneak peek details from new work


Burroughs is looking forward to the next Goetemann talk with Marilu Swett ; Swett was professor for his senior sculpture work at Montserrat College of Art.

goetemann talks 2019.jpg


Jeff’s Variety sandwich counter now open till 4pm

By popular request, Jeff’s Variety is trying out extending the sandwich counter hours from 2pm to 4pm to serve kids after school and  people heading home from the beach or on the way to a picnic dinner. Feel free to call ahead for pick up or special orders.

Jeffs variety new hours_20190528_© c ryan

Hot Dog! Essex River Dogs

Finn and I stopped by Essex River Dogs in Essex last weekend.  Turns out it was their first day open of the 2019 season.  We were happy to chat with the friendly owners, try a hotdog, and sit for a bit on one of their little picnic tables.   Definitely worth a pitstop for a quick bite when taking the scenic route through Essex.


Fireflies on Main

I finally had a good excuse to go into Fireflies on Main Street: a brand new baby in my life! I’ve long been intrigued as I window shopped this neat little spot and was excited for the opportunity to go in with the purpose of buying a gift. What a lovely place! Good variety of items for special gift occasions, many designed and produced locally. I took the local vendors as a huge bonus; I did not realize so many locals had produced items for this shop. My purchase was carefully packed up so it was ready to be presented to newborn George. Thanks, Fireflies!