The Boss says to Post Seasonal Openings. OK

So Joey assigned this cub reporter the task of seasonal openings when RD and I were hired back in 2010. If you search on “seasonal openings” on GMG I did pretty well for a few years. But I have slacked off.

Why? Two reasons.

• It’s 2019 and every opening is covered by the restaurant Facebook page and official website. I think, “Hmmm time for a fried fish sandwich at The Cupboard” and sure enough their Facebook page tells me they are open.

I’ll take a slice of American cheese on my fried fish sandwich to go so I can sit out on Gloucester outer harbor.

• Ah, but visitng The Cupboards official website points out why writing the seasonal openings is a pain in the ass. They are announcing the Schooner Festival in 2016 as their latest post!

Look, if your restaurant has plenty of customers go ahead and blow off social media and the internet and make sure your website looks like shit on my iPhone.

But if you might like new customers keep your presence on the internet fresh. Assign the busboy the task of posting a special every week. At least announce when you are going to open for the season.

I used to start seasonal openings on March 7 and build up the anticipation. Bah humbug. It’s May 12 and everything is open unless it’s not. Check their website. 🙂

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