Nia classes on Cape Ann in February New Routine “Source” featuring the music of Lis Addison

Cape Ann Wellness


New Nia Routine-“Source”

This new routine from Nia headquarters focuses, no pun intended, on the movement of the eyes and how that movement directs the rest of the body especially the spine and head.  The music for the routine is from Lis Addison.

Lis Addison is an award winning and internationally recognized Composer, Vocalist, Keyboardist and Electronic Musician who creates and records music in her Singing Tree Studio. She specializes in electronic and world music designed to inspire, empower and support healing for the individual and the natural world.

Not sure what Nia is all about? Here is a video from founder, Debbie Rosas on Nia.

Nia cardio-dance workouts combine 52 simple moves with dance arts, martial arts, and healing arts to get you fit in 60 minutes – body, mind, emotion, and spirit.
Nia is non-impact, practiced barefoot, and adaptable to individual needs and abilities. Nia classes are taught by…

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Pat Morss’ trip to Alaska in 2000

Kim Smith’s Sunday evening GMG photographs of the visiting juvenile Bald Eagle reminded me of Anne-Lise’s and my trip to Alaska in 2000.  We landed in the fishing town of Petersburg on the Seventeenth of May, which is Norway’s national holiday.  There is a large Scandinavian population there, and we were welcomed at the airport in true Viking fashion.  They were also dedicating a new statue to fishermen lost at sea, and we attended the ceremony.
Back to the Bald Eagles – they hang around the marinas on masts, waiting for fish handouts.  And the west coast Puffin is quite different from ours.
Best, Pat Morss


Juno, mom Mary Ellen, and friend Julie were out on the Niles Pond berm Sunday, admiring the Harbor Seals basking. We counted thirteen seals that afternoon.

I didn’t realize one seal had its mouth wide open until looking at the photos the following day. Seal’s use their strong teeth and powerful jaws to rip apart prey and are yet another reason not to get too close to a seal hauled out on land.

Julie, Juno, and Mary Ellen

#GloucesterMA Public Art – last chance to Instagram temporary mural at Cape Ann Museum


portrait of Bonnie L Sylvester_ inspecting her public mural in process_Cape Ann Museum_ _20181214_© catherine ryan.jpg

Once Upon a Contest – Selections from Cape Ann Reads travel exhibition closes at Cape Ann Museum February 24, 2019. The radiant show has stopped people in their tracks to sit and read awhile. The show celebrates children’s picture books by local authors and artists. A temporary mural by Bonnie L. Sylvester has generated photos and selfies and will be painted over after the show closes.

below: installation and in progress views, Bonnie L. Sylvester painting temporary mural for Once Upon a Contest at Cape Ann Museum Gloucester Ma. 

“As part of the original creative design and concept for the Once Upon a Contest travel exhibition, artist Bonnie L. Sylvester was invited to create a public mural in three parts. After two years steeped in preparing final illustrations for the Cape Ann Reads Medal Book, The Tree in Dock Square written by Jean Woodbury and illustrated by Sylvester, the two week process for this Cape Ann tableau involved sketching key elements and applying layers of custom mixed paint for a walk in installation effect. This temporary wall mural is a first for the artist and the Cape Ann Museum.” 

Bonnie L Sylvester painting temporary mural installatin at Cape Ann Museum for Once Upon A Contest exhibition © Catherine Ryan.gif

Portrait of Bonnie L Sylvester painting temporary mural at Cape Ann Museum Gloucester MA_20181213_© Catherine Ryan.jpg

Charcoal Grilling Essential Accessory List

Northeast BBQ


This is a good list for a person starting out.  These items will make your grilling experience better.

You can get these items at Foster’s Grill Store or if you’re not from around Gloucester MA, these links on Amazon-

Click here for the list

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Today’s paper:February vacation week programs at Cape Ann Museum

Walk ins welcome! Have fun, glean advice, and be inspired creating your own children’s picture books, stories and art.

“February Vacation Week at Cape Ann Museum” by Gail McCarthy, Gloucester Daily Times

GDT Gail McCarthy article February Vacation Programs at Museum
Gloucester Daily Times, February 19, 2019- Tuesday – Friday 1-4pm

Today Leslie Galacar leads a workshop all about the line. Cape Ann fans and beyond have enjoyed her iconic visual language on textiles, cards and wares. Have a go at Fun with Figures and Find Franklin the Cat. Did you know she hides drawings in her art?

Portrait of Leslie Galacar_20181003_Ccatherine ryan

Sneak peek of the imaginative & delightful 3D world awaiting visitors Wednesday with Betty and Kirsten Allenbrook Wiberg


Courtney Richardson with Claire Wyzenbeek  Cape Ann Museum Once Upon a Contest Selection from Cape Ann REads © catherine ryan.jpg
Courtney Richardson with Claire Wyzenbeek- Thursday workshop – magical nocturnes!
Portrait of artist Alexia Parker © Linda Bosselman         dazzling paper collage workshop on Friday


Coming Soon to the Rogers Street Theatre

From a press release issued by the Rogers Street Theatre:

Award-winning works by Pulitzer prize playwright Lynn Nottage and Gloucester’s former poet laureate John Ronan come to downtown Gloucester’s Rogers Street Theatre February 23-24. The Saturday evening performance and Sunday matinee also include two staged readings from Rockport New Year’s Eve’s ten-minute playwriting contest. The theme of the weekend is “Couples.” The plays contain mature language and subject matter, and more than a few surprises.

Tickets for both the 7:30 PM Saturday February 23 performance and 3 PM Sunday February 24 matinee are $20 and can be purchased online or at the door. For more information on Rogers Street Theatre at 68 Rogers Street, or to purchase tickets go to:  

P09 smallRSTCouplessmall

Pet of the Week- Tippy

Can you believe I have missed “Wheel of Fortune” four nights in a row so far? Disgraceful. Tippy here.
I’m a sweet elderly lady who was brought to CAAA because my previous owner had passed away. I’m over the youngster stage and the night time zoomies phase of my life and would prefer a more quiet home (so I can hear my program). As a senior I am part of the Super Senior club and my super power is “faithful snuggle companion”.
Do you want a TV couch partner? We don’t have to watch “Wheel of Fortune”, I’ll settle for “Jeopardy” just fine. Come stop by and meet me today!
To learn more about me or other animals waiting for homes, please come visit our shelter at 4 Paws Lane in Gloucester or check us out online at