CouplesCast GloucesterCast 325 With Chris and Charleen McCarthy, Kim and Ralph DiGiorgio, and Katelyn and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/24/19


CouplesCast GloucesterCast 325 With Chris and Charleen McCarthy, Kim and Ralph DiGiorgio, and Katelyn and Joey Ciaramitaro Taped 2/24/19


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Topics Include:

Bagels and pastry from Jim’s Bagels.  Where do you go for pastry in Gloucester on a Sunday?

Kate and I are getting married this week!


How long have you been married and what do you attribute the success of your marriage to?

What are some of the things your spouse does that makes you appreciate them?

What do yo miss about the years when all your children were in school and living home?  Is it a tough adjustment to be an empty nester?

If you are going to suggest one place to go on a honeymoon where would it be?

What is the best advice you could give a young couple that is about to get married?

Kim, Charleen and Kate- what are your favorite Gloucester restaurants, North Shore restaurant and Boston restaurant?

Death row meal at any restaurant.

Kim and Charleen- what brought you to Gloucester?


This beautiful Snowy Owl female was left alone for the better part of a frigid and blustery morning. Although Snowies are covered in feathers from head to toe, during very cold weather they try to find perches low to the ground and blocked from the wind.

Snowy with her feathers fluffed for warmth

Morning foot bath

A cell phone photographer made her flush three times over a ten minute period before she gave up and left the beach.

Snowies don’t want to be disturbed and fly when they are resting on the beach. Flying makes them use up precious energy. It’s not just cell phone photographers that are harming the Snowies. Recently I watched from an adjacent road as a group of photographers with telephoto lenses chased a Snow Owl up and down a beach. The Snowy flew away and departed the area.

Snowy Owls that are visiting our shores are, for the most part, young and relatively new at hunting, are in unfamiliar territory, and basically just need to rest and conserve energy when they are not hunting.

Please respect our Snowies

Snowy Owls love both rocky beaches and the tundra-like terrain of sandy beaches, because both are similar habitats found in their Arctic breeding and hunting grounds. And, too, look how well disguised is the Snowy in the photo above.

A few more creatures found on the beach that morning, including Surf Scoters, and a Snow Bunting flying very near to the Snowy.

Heavy surf and high tide rough on heavy equipment at Long Beach

Views today were taken an hour before the afternoon high tide. Prior high tide left its mark, and I expect more tomorrow with such high winds predicted.

heavy equipment pulled off_ heavy surf high tide_winter surf_20190224_Long Beach Gloucester Rockport Mass © catherine ryan (4).jpg


2019 winter repairs

Feb 8 prepping for repairs

Scenes from Paige Farrell solo exhibition at Jane Deering Gallery

The exhibition Paige Farrell | Relationships at Jane Deering Gallery, 19 Pleasant Street, Gloucester MA continues through February 27th. Selections from Farrell’s writings are paired with her closely observed motifs, some man made, some natural. The sense of place whether the weather or locale becomes all Farrell– often soft, atmospheric and peaceful. 

Scenes from the reception 




Sawyer Free Library new building presentation Tues. February 26

architecture of Sawyer Free Library Gloucester MA_comprised of three buildings_winter 20190224_©Catherine Ryanphoto caption: three buildings of Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free public library, winter 


Note schedule change – architect presentation with new building committee and library trustees is Tuesday February 26.

  • ON Monday February 25, 2019 Saunders House Stewardship Committee, 10:30AM-noon
  • ON Tuesday February 26, 2019 there is a Library (new) Building Committee meeting 5:30 PM sharp – 7:30 PM. Please note schedule change, again. The monthly meetings announced were said to follow the traditional schedule of meeting on the last Wednesday of each month at 4:00 pm, but that has not happened as meetings have been combined with Trustee meetings, etc. Do confirm ahead: 01/30/2019, 02/27/2019 02/26/2019, 03/27/2019, 04/24/2019 LOCATION: confirm SFL location if Friend Room or one of two rooms upstairs/downstairs in Saunders. There may be other informal ad hoc meetings.
  • ON Wednesday February 27, 2019 the fundraising committee for the new building may be meeting but I’m fairly certain it’s not at 4-5am– just a little typo on the events calendar. Maybe it’s 4-5pm

Fundraising committee.jpg

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