Much Thanks to the GHS Fishermen!

The days that the Gloucester High School Fishermen come to lend some hands (and feet)  at Cape Ann Youth Hockey’s Learn-to-Skate program are always so special for the beginning skaters!   I don’t have a high school skater yet….and my boys have long since graduated from Learn-to-Skate, but I can remember fondly how special they thought it was when they got to skate with the “big kids.”   I also remember them grinning ear to ear upon seeing those same big kids working at Talbot Rink’s Open Skate hours.  Wicked hero worship.  The day one of those High School skaters remembered Thatcher’s name (that happened to be taped across the top of his helmet, but I’ll never tell) was probably a pivotal day in his young skating career.  I am very certain there are plenty of parents in the Cape Ann program who fee the same way.

So, this past weekend a new group of High School skaters came to the rink to have some fun with Cape Ann’s newest skaters….and the smiles tell you all you need to know!

Huge thanks to the Fishermen for creating new memories and being such great role models!

These great photos are from Kimberlee Bertolino

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 7.58.23 PM

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