Cape Ann Christmas Angels

 Michele Geloso had worked by her fathers side in their Italiam Family Restaurant since she was a little girl.
 All she ever wanted to do
Was feed people and help those in need, Saving as much of the world as she could.
Michele met Kelly Reardon, several
Years ago, during her horrific battle with
Breast Cancer.  The two woman became instant friends.
Kelly had been working at
The Open Door where she also, helped
People in any way she could..
Michele, although still quite broken,
started Volunteering at
The Open Door, feeling thankful to be A Survivor.  She wanted to continue her mission of helping others..
Michele told Kelly,
” I want to Save The world. ”
That was all it took.
The two became Forever friends.
Michele taking on many projects to help people, working with the Red Cross, working as a Breast Cancer Advocate, MA Dukes  serving Thanksgiving  dinners to those in need,
With Kelly right by her side. Helping others.
Then Michele met some friends who had a Christmas program helping children.
She told Kelly
We help people all over the world.
There are so many families right  here among us  in Cape Ann that need us without venturing any further.  Kelly agreed.
Both of These woman are very selfless.
They will do anything to help someone.
Putting Their families aside,
They Have one mission
To help as many people as they can.
No matter what.
and so they started
Cape Ann Christmas Angels in 2016.
Michele and Kelly decided that they would
Help less fortunate families.
To  Bring a smile To the children’s faces.
At the same time they wanted there program to be Very personal.
Their mission  is to Have a personal connection with the family to let the parent or parents know that their are People that truly care for them.  All year. Not just holidsys.
The two woman get either a nomination for a family or the parent will ask for help themselves.
The first year we had 17 families, the second year 23 families and this year 27 families.
Kelly and Michele have Donors,
Along with themselves, that adopt these families.  Individuals such as Councilman Ken Hecht, Heidi who is a Gloucester Police Officer, along with other police officers , purchase most or All of the jackets for tbe children.
Julie Lafontaine from The Open Door has been such a big supporter and a friend.
Carl Mackay Stratton had a fundraiser this  year for  toys and raised over $800.   Businesses such as Fatima Hair Salon, Paparazzi Jewelry, Seabreeze Liquors,
donate gifts for our parents.
The Angels have a Wrapping Event where
The Donor and the Parent get the opportunity to meet and everyone, including, volunteers,
And The Angel Team, wrap presents.
There is plenty of homemade food prepared and donated  by Mimis Kitchen and Catering, which is Michele and her daughter Michaela. Pizza donated by some some local pizza places, Greg’s Pizza, and Captain Hooks
.David and Eleanor made a beautiful cake
with our Logo on it.
The room is filled with so much love and
Laughter.  New friends are made.
If you would like more information
Contact Michele at 978 879 6092 or
Also see our Facebook page
Cape Ann Christmas Angels.
Michele and Kelly look forward to putting smiles on
plenty of faces for years to come.

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