PSA To The People Who Buy Socks

I would like to share a life altering discovery about socks.

If you or the person you buy socks for is a man that wears a 11 or 12 or larger shoe, make sure you buy XL socks.

It’s a game changer.

Large socks are generally labelled that they are for shoe size 9- 11.5.

That’s a bunch of horseshit if wear an 11.  If you wear a size 11 shoe and buy Large sized socks your feet will be cramped and it will cut your circulation making your feet cold in the winter.

When you go to the stores a majority of what will be on display will be Large sized socks but seek out the XL.

Your feet will be infinitely more comfortable.  Trust me on this.

Total game changer.

I’ve also mentioned in the past that there is no reason you should buy cotton socks.  they suck.  they retain moisture and wet feet in cold conditions will make your feet 100 times colder.

You should only buy socks made of merino wool.

Because you wear your socks so often you shouldn’t skimp when purchasing them.  good socks that fit you properly- next level stuff.

Here are some of my favorites (click the link)-

Wigwam Men’s Merino Lite Hiker Midweight Crew Socks


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