Stuffed and Breaded Chicken On The @WeberGrills Go-Anywhere

Northeast BBQ


Mix sour cream, parmesan cheese, basil paste, feta and sun dried tomatos for the stuffing.


Roll 1/4 inch thick EVOO coated chicken breast (pound flat between two pieces of wax paper) around the stuffing, secure with toothpicks then coat with Italian bread crumbs.


I used a deflector plate.  Under which I put a half a Weber chimney of lit coals on the opposite side of the grill where the chicken would go.  Vents all wide open.


Cook for 25 minutes until chicken is golden brown.


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One thought on “Stuffed and Breaded Chicken On The @WeberGrills Go-Anywhere

  1. Bet your neighbor’s love it when you are out grilling just like the fresh pies cooling off In the windows or baking when windows open oh the smells turn the hunger on and bring back the memories got this down to the (T)! How do you find the time during this part of season with the long hours? 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂 I am glad you do enjoy seeing the art on grill! 🙂


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