Preview now! LIVE art auction October 3, 2018: local artists annual fundraiser for Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Public Library

Annual Art Auction 2018 Sept preview for Oct 3 auction_ local artists fundraiser for Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Public Library _By Friends of SFL ©Catherine Ryan (1).jpg


Wall facing entrance numbers 1-16


and continued with numbers 17-22


Wall on the right as one enters- numbers 23 – 42

Annual Art Auction 2018 Sept preview for Oct 3 auction_ local artists fundraiser for Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Public Library _By Friends of SFL ©Catherine Rya (14)

same wall photographed groups of 4


Walls to the left upon entering: 43 – 54 and 55 – 63


Organized by the Friends of the Library committee including Mary Weissblum Smith and the Art Advisory Committee, the (21st) Annual Art Auction on October 3, 2018, will feature 63 participating artists:

Jerry Ackerman, Deborah Aldrich, Melissa Aliberte, Nancy Alimansky, Anita Beloff, Coco Berkman, Linda Lea Bertrand, Sheila Farren Billings, Carol A. Bistrong, Lois Showalter Blankenship, Roy Blankenship, Isabel Brown, Katherine Coakley, Ray Crane, Mary L Crowningshield, David Curtis, Susan W. Daly, Michael DeCosimo, Patricia Doran, Cynthia Dunaway, Phyllis Feld, Susie Field, James Formichella, Grace Frost, N. Hale, Marion Hall, Joy Halsted, Jeanne Havran, Olga Hayes, Sandra Herdman, Deanie Johnson, Pia Juhl, Phyllis J. Kaplan, Susan Kelley, Fred L. Kepler, Barbara Kremer, Mary Jane Lane, Margaret Laurie, Carol Loiacono, Lauren Maher, Mary McCarl, Patricia McCarthy, Roy McCauley, Perry McIntosh, Danny Mears, David Millar, Kate Nordstrom, Christine Pitman, Mary Rhinelander, Richard Roche, Jess Semerano, Emily Strangman, Peter Tysver, Juni Van Dyke, James Watson, Lea Watson, Jeff Weaver, Alyce Wherren, Curtis Wilcox, Jane Wolf, Heidi Caswell Zander, Ann Mechen Ziergiebel

Checklist Numbers 1 to 63:

1. Patricia Doran, Quarry
2. Jeanne Havran, Rough Seas
3. Susie Field, Magnolia Sunset
4. Heidi Caswell Zander, Long Wharf Marsh Bridge View
5. Fred L. Kepler, Choate Bridge in Spring
6. Grace Frost, The Canal
7. Mary McCarl, Monhegan Horse Chestnuts
8. Pia Juhl, Beyond Stillness
9. Patricia McCarthy, Lanes Cove Fish Shack
10. Margaret Laurie, Lobstering in the Cove
11. Barbara Kremer, Hodgkin’s Cove Parking
12. Mary L. Crowningshield (Magnolia), Country Basket
13. Peter Tysver, Winter on the Marsh
14. Laureen Maher, Birdseye Red Door
15. Phyllis Feld, Steven’s Lane
16. Roy McCauley, A Good Catch
17. Carol Loiacono, View from Stage Fort Park
18. Michael DeCosimo, Sea View
19. Jeff Weaver, On the Pier
20. Richard Roche, End of June Haying
21. Phyllis J. Kaplan, Morning Fog
22. James Watson, Essex Marshes
23. David Millard, Amethyst Moon
24. Anita Beloff, Little River Garden
25. Lea Watson, Purple Iris
27. Ann Mechen Ziergiebel, Sunset Ipswich Bay
28. Jerry Ackerman, Surf’s Up!
29. Perry McIntosh, painting
30. Mary Jane Lane, Windtunnel Rocky Neck
31. Sandra Herdman, Raven Haven
32. Melissa Aliberte, The Jelly Fish Complex
33. Roy Blankenship, Beach Umbrella’s Impression
34. Nancy Alimansky, Annisquam Surf
35. Coco Berkman, Blue Stocking
36. Sheila Farren Billings, Moonlight Sail
37. Ray Crane, Heading Out
38. Linda Lea Bertrand, Rocks at Stage Fort Park
39. Isabel Brown, The Paint Factory
40. Deborah Aldrich, Falling Leaves
41. Kate Nordstrom, Whitefield Maine
42. David Curtis, Beaver Dam
43. Katherine Coakley, Seeking the Light
44. Christine Pitman, Gloucester
45. Olga Hayes, The Wave
46. Mary Rhinelander, Sailor’s Delight
47. N. Hale, Crane’s Beach
48. Susan W. Daly, Visiting Ladies
49. Jane Wolf, Jingle Jangle Morning
50. Emily Strangman, Fisherman’s Wharf Before the Fire
51. Deanie Johnson, Autumn Marshes
52. Marion Hall, Annisquam Dory
53. Carol A. Bistrong, Water Lily in Bloom
54. Curtis Wilcox, Ancient Sleeping Giants
55. Lois Showalter Blankenship, Late Morning (Rockport, Ma Harbor)
56. Danny Mears, Into the Woods
57. James Formichella, Pleasant Street View
58. Joy Halsted, Eat
59. Jess Semerano, “Jenny” Boat and Turbine
60. Alyce Wherren, Waves I
61. Cynthia Dunaway, Painter painting
62. Susan Kelley, Garden Glory
63. Juni Van Dyke, Untitled XXVI


2017 Auction

2016 Auction

2015 Auction

6 thoughts on “Preview now! LIVE art auction October 3, 2018: local artists annual fundraiser for Gloucester Lyceum & Sawyer Free Public Library

  1. Thank you for this super job in posting about the Art Auction! Many enjoy this auction and I am so proud to be able to contribute each year with my dear late Mother’s art work.
    I assume the posting cannot be corrected now, so I would like to add to and correct the list of 63 Artists names by including my late Mother’s name and definitely to correct the spelling of her last name to Mary L. Crowningshield of Magnolia.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Leslie! I’m so glad you wrote and I’ll gladly correct the post. The auction is such a powerful community event bringing generous artists (and their families– like you) together with kind buyers. Can you write a bit more about your mom and her art? Thanks!~ Here’s #12 auction 2018 Mary L. Crowningshield bid list indicates media as oil/velvet
      Mary L Crowningshield #12 2018 Annual Art Auction for SFL


      1. Thank you, Catherine , for correcting all the spellings and the list above.
        My dear late Mother was one who loved to create beauty through her art, gardens, and lovely family home. She studied at Vesper George School of Art and New England School of Art. Through out her life she created lovely pen and inks, Theorem paintings , needlepoint designs, painted furniture and tinware with Early American decorations, Block prints, an herb chart and more. And during the last few years of her life, she discovered the love and talent for watercolor painting. She studied under the late Edythe Ghen of Beverly.
        Presently, for the month of September, nine of her framed watercolors are on display and for sale at Addison Gilbert Hospital , Pat Maynard Memorial Gallery. I hope many are able to view and enjoy this show, ending at the end of this coming week.
        My best wishes for a successful Art Auction at Sawyer Free Library, on October 3, 2018.
        It is my pleasure to share her lovely works of art with others.


  2. Talk about the all star line up you did a great job at presentation of setup great response! Excellent layout from the team setting this up! Thanks for sharing! ūüôā Dave & Kim ūüôā

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Dave and Kim. That committee has this annual auction process smoothly down! I’ll make sure to share your compliments.


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