See amazing 1901 historic photos from Bruce Roberts: Gloucester crews worked on Haskell’s dam

City of Gloucester officials are working towards a Phase 3 for the Haskell Pond Dam reconstruction which I wrote about last week (Part 1). I included information about the original monumental build. In response, Bruce Roberts was kind enough to share these amazing photographs of the impressive crews at the Haskell Pond construction site 1901. Bonus: they were annotated by his grandfather in 1958.  West Gloucester families may recognize a surname or two, maybe a family resemblance. Please help ID if you can.

Bruce Roberts explains: “My grandfather, Edward F. Roberts, identified the individuals back in 1958.  There are some folks he didn’t recognize, since he would have been pretty young when these images were taken.  The first picture has the most identified individuals. One thing that has always been remarkable to me in the second image is how much Chester Andrews, my g-grandfather, resembled my father, Eugene Roberts, at that age.”

 HASKELL’S POND CONSTRUCTION ca.1901-02 – (Individuals ID’d by Edward Roberts in 1958)

Clearing Haskells pond late 1901 © courtesy historic photo collection Bruce Roberts

Photo 1, Dec 1901 (in snow): “Wood Choppers at Haskell’s Pond, December 1901”
Front Row, L-R: 1. Otis Lufkin, 2. Matt Poland, 3. Loren (sp?) Harris, 4. Melvin Wilkins, 5. Jim White

Back Row: 1.Asa Sargent, 2. unknown, 3. Ed Lufkin, 4. James Chadbourne, 5. Joseph Abbott, 6. unknown, 7. Joshua Roberts, 8 & 9. unknown

Clearing Haskells pond late 1901 © courtesy historic photo from collection Bruce Roberts

Photo 2 (late 1901 or early 1902):

Front, L-R: 1. Loren Harris, 2 & 3. unknown, 4. Asa Sargent

Center, w/ white shirt: Eps Walter Haskell

3rd row: (Right side, behind Asa Sargent, in light coat): Chester Andrews

(2nd to left from Chester Andrews): Fred Jeffs

2018 July 2 Haskells Pond Dam reconstruction Gloucester Massachusetts Department of Public Works directing SumCo_ photograph ©c ryan (4)

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53” striper caught in Gloucester By Jeff Favaloro!

Hey Joey!

Thought maybe you would like to share this on GMG! Me and my friends went out striper fishing yesterday with my dad (captain Nick with Coastal Fishing Carter’s) and my best friend caught a 53” striper! Weighed over 50lbs! Thought the people of Gloucester would enjoy a picture!



unnamed (1)


First hatch year Little Blue Heron catching an American Bullfrog

Why is this not so little white heron called a Little Blue Heron? Compared to a Great Blue Heron, it is relatively smaller. As to the entirely white plumage, this is a first hatch year Little Blue in its white phase. In the second spring and summer, the white feathers will gradually be replaced by beautiful slate blue feathers, giving the bird a temporary and unique calico appearance.

Little Blue herons are closely related to Snowy Egrets and the white immature morphs feed alongside the Snowys. You can tell them apart easily not only by bill and feet, but by their feeding habits. Snowy Egrets forage with a great deal of flourish, agitating the water with their feet, and vigorously fluttering, flapping, and flying along the shoreline. Little Blue Herons are stealth hunters, moving with slow deliberation before executing an exacting capture.




North American native Buttonbush attracts a bevy of butterflies and bees with pretty and fragrant flowerheads. Buttonbush grows easily in moist soil as well as average garden soil, in full sun to part shade. In our region it grows to about six to ten feet, and can be kept in check with an occasional pruning in early spring.

Monarch Butterfly drinking nectar from Buttonbush florets (Cephalanthus occidentalis)

The CAPE ANN SYMPHONY CHORUS welcomes new singers in all voice parts!

The CASC, under the direction of Wendy Betts, will begin rehearsals for its November Holiday Pops concerts on Tuesday September 4 at 7 PM in St. Paul Lutheran Church, 1123 Washington Street, Gloucester. Please bring $25.00 for your membership/music fee to our first rehearsal. Please call Wendy at 978-546-5220 or email her, if you are a new singer interested in joining our chorus. Concert performances are Ipswich High School on Saturday November 24 at 2 pm, Manchester High School that evening at 7:30 pm, and Sunday November 25 at 2 PM in Manchester. Rehearsals run 7-9 PM everyTuesday evening through November 20. New singers must audition with Wendy August 29-31 at 13 Penzance Rd, Rockport.

4Ever Fab Concert Postponed

Message from David Benjamin: The 4Ever Fab concert at the Antonio Gentile Bandstand scheduled for August 12, has been postponed until Tuesday, August 21, at 7pm. Please help get the word out. This is the only concert that does not have a “next Wednesday evening” rain date.

Music of John Williams and Leroy Anderson at Gentile Bandstand

The Cape Ann Community Band, David Benjamin, Director, plays their annual concert on Sunday, August 19, 2018, at 7pm at the Antonio Gentile Bandstand, Stage Fort Park, Hough Avenue, Gloucester MA. The concert theme is “The Music of John Williams and Leroy Anderson; A Salute to the Boston Pops” featuring an exciting concert of John Williams’ movie music and Leroy Anderson’s classic pops pieces. Come hear your friends and neighbors play with this exceptional concert band.

This concert is sponsored by Bank Gloucester, who will provide free ice cream treats to the audience. The concert is free to the public. Parking is free and the venue and rest rooms are wheelchair-accessible. Bring a blanket or chair and perhaps a picnic dinner. The rain date is Wednesday, August 22, 7pm. For further information please visit or call 978-281-2286.