Austin Healey Seaside summit on Cape Ann

Fun poster (note sponsor Lyon-Waugh) for the 2018 Healey Seaside Summit which has just one more day in our area. I look forward to seeing photographs of these beautiful cars zipping around our scenic shores; send some in to GMG!


group from Austin Healey summit 2018 visit woman owned businesses along Essex Coastal Scenic Byway©Pauline Bresnahan.PNG

Pauline Bresnahan shares this photo and writes: “Ladies from the Austin-Healey summit travelled along our Woman Owned Business on the Essex Coastal Scenic Byway. They are now headed to Beautiful Gloucester Ma to enjoy a sail on Schooner Lannon and the Schooner Ardelle. Thanks Ladies for stopping in.”

Sales Tax Free weekend

Sales Tax free weekend.

Saturday and Sunday, August 11 to 12.
Among the final measures lawmakers passed on the final day of the formal legislative session Tuesday was an economic development bill that includes a two-day sales tax-free weekend this month, Aug. 11-12. The sales tax holiday was approved by the House last month and included in the Senate bill through an amendment by Minority Leader Bruce Tarr, a Gloucester Republican. The Senate approved Tarr’s amendment 31-6 last Wednesday.

Liz Frame joins Fly Amero this Wednesday 7pm @ The Rhumb Line August 8, 2018

Dinner Specials Each Week!
Wednesday, August 8 – 7pm
My Musical Guest: LIZ FRAME!

LOVE this girl! The great Liz Frame brings her smart ‘n’ sassy
songwriting to the Rhumby this week. She and her smooth,
lilting voice reminiscent of Patsy Cline and K.D. Lang will be
opening for Orleans along with her band, “The Kickers” this
coming Friday at Infinity Hall, Hartford, CT. Gonna be a tough
act to follow, I’m sure! ~ Fly
Dinner with great music!
*Each week features a special, invited musical guest
The Rhumb Line Kitchen……features Morgan! Dishes are better than ever before!
Plus a fine, affordable wine menu!
Upcoming guests…
8/15 – Jared Thomas

8/22 – Ardys Flavelle (Allen Estes Hosts)

8/29 – John Rockwell

Looking forward……to seeing you there 🙂

On This Day in History – 
August 8, 1775

Patriots Win the Battle of Gloucester

Stage Fort across Gloucester Harbor by Fitz Henry Lane. ~ Shows Gloucester Harbor, the site of the Battle of Gloucester, around 1862.

On this day in history, August 8, 1775, Patriots win the Battle of Gloucester, an early battle of the American Revolution fought in Gloucester Harbor, Massachusetts. After the war broke out on April 19, patriots from around the colonies surrounded the British in Boston, trapping them inside the city. This made the British soldiers dependent on supplies brought in from the sea.

capt-john-linzee-r-n-1743-1798-alt.jpgBritish General Thomas Gage and Admiral Samuel Graves began sending raiding parties along the coast to take supplies from seaside communities and farms. One such raid was attempted by Captain John Linzee, aboard the HMS Falcon, on August 5, when he sent a raiding party to shore near Ipswich Bay. This particular raid failed when local farmers drove off the sailors with their shotguns.

Linzee cruised along the coast of Cape Ann for a few days, until he saw two American merchant ships, newly arrived from the West Indies, on the morning of August 8th. Linzee pursued the ships, quickly capturing one of them without a fight and posting his own men to captain the ship. The second ship, however, was captained by a more experienced seaman who knew the area well. He sailed into Gloucester Bay and grounded the ship to prevent the British from capturing it.

Linzee anchored the Falcon and the captured ship in the bay, then sent out 3 small boats of sailors to capture the grounded ship. By this time, the people of Gloucester had called out the militia, who began firing on the small boats as they approached the ship. The sailors reached the ship, but were trapped on board by continuous gunfire from the shore.

Boston to Cape Ann 1775

Captain Linzee fired his cannons on the town and sent a landing party to burn the town down as a distraction. The landing party was not able to reach the town, however, and the sailors remained trapped on the ship. Late in the afternoon, Linzee’s first lieutenant, in charge of the boarding party on the ship and now injured from gunfire, managed to get away on a small boat with a few other sailors, but the rest remained trapped on the ship.

The grounded ship was eventually boarded by the citizens and the remaining soldiers were taken captive. Linzee, realizing things were falling apart, sent the captured schooner to shore to retrieve the captured soldiers. The schooner’s native sailors mutinied against Linzee’s men, took them captive and reclaimed the ship. At this point, Linzee realized resistance was futile and he sailed off.

The British loss at the Battle of Gloucester was listed as one of the reasons for an October expedition under British Captain Henry Mowat to punish Massachusetts coastal towns. Captain Mowat’s orders specifically included Gloucester as a target, but Mowat decided to forego bombarding the town because its buildings were too far apart and he didn’t think his ships’ guns would have much effect.

This expedition culminated in the Burning of Falmouth (present-day Portland, Maine), the first American town completely destroyed by the British. The burning of Falmouth led many Americans who were previously neutral or undecided to come down squarely against the British and led the Continental Congress to create the Continental Navy.

This article was originally posted on Revolutionary War and Beyond


It’s a Dog’s Life

I recently came across a new service called Dog Spots on the New York State Thruway that travellers may be interested in: dog-sized sanctuaries available for travellers so you don’t have to leave your dog in the car while you run errands, etc.  Using an app on your phone (DogSpot by Dog Parker), you can lock/unlock and monitor your pet while they are enjoying the climate controlled environment. After your pet leaves, it sanitizes itself.  For 30 cents a minute!

This service is currently available at some rest areas on the NY Thruway and is apparently coming within the year to several cities including Boston. Membership includes one dog and two dog parents and is $25 but, the website says they are currently waiving membership fees. Here’s a news video if you are interested.

An image borrowed from the website gives you an idea: