GloucesterCast 294 With Connor McCarthy, Chris McCarthy, Paula Ryan O’Brien, Pat Dalpiaz, Charlene Delaney, Mike Codair, Susan Lipsett, Heidi Dallin, Robert Walsh and The Cast of True West Taped 8/26/18


GloucesterCast 294 With Connor McCarthy, Chris McCarthy, Paula Ryan O’Brien, Pat Dalpiaz, Charlene Delaney, Mike Codair, Susan Lipsett, Heidi Dallin, Robert Walsh and The Cast of True West Taped 8/26/18



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Topics Include:

Cape Ann Community Cinema Listings are always stickied in the GMG Calendar at the top of the blog or you can click here to go directly to the website

Cape Ann Coffee

Sunflowers in bloom at Colby Farm!
Any comments PawSox to Worcester?
A little story about why we love it here (If there’s time)
Lake Powell
Sustainable Curiosity
Low License Plate # Update
Schooner Festival Weekend
True West Playing At Gloucester Stage August 18- September 8th


The common name chipmunk is believed to be derived from the word chetamnon, the word given this small member of the squirrel family by the Chippewa Indians. If you’ve ever heard a chipmunk chattering away in the morning, it’s easy to understand why the Chippewa gave it the very onomatopoeic sounding chetamnon. Their genus name, Tamias, is Greek for treasurer, steward, or housekeeper, a reference to their habit of collecting and storing seeds, nuts, and acorns for the winter.

34th Annual Schooner Festival

34th Annual Schooner Festival

August 31-September 3

American Eagle leads the way. Photo by Carl Gustin

The 34th annual Gloucester Schooner Festival is ONE WEEK AWAY! The City of Gloucester is homeport to over 27 schooners for the Labor Day weekend. With more opportunities to get up close and on-board than ever before, this three-day event will be an historic Festival to remember. Come see Blluenose II and Columbia enter the harbor Friday afternoon and be greeted by several other vessels, including our own Gloucester schooner fleet, the Adventure, the Ardelle, and the Thomas E. Lannon. Special thanks to Beauport Hospitality Group for their principal sponsorship in support of this community-wide event. Visit the Schooner Festival website for a full schedule of activities. Many thanks to our corporate sponsors and local businesses for helping to fund this weekend!

Click here for a list of expected schooners. Stop by Maritime Gloucester next week to pick up your program and your 2018 Schooner Festival gear!

Maritime Heritage Day, September 1st


Celebrate Gloucester Schooner Festival’s Maritime Heritage Day on Saturday, September 1st, from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm. We are creating a busy, festive hub of traditional crafters, engaging community organizations in the First Ipswich Bank Pavilion, expert seafood demonstrations, foot-stomping music with Old Cold Tater, schooner sails, and fun-filled family activities on Harbor Loop. Enjoy local fare at our food tents. Schooners will be docked at Maritime Gloucester’s Webster Pier with others throughout the city.

Click here for a partial list of participating organizations and vendors with updates coming in often.

The Gloucester Schooner Festival is here and Maritime Gloucester’s flagship, the Ardelle is providing you with some of the best up-close and on-the-water viewing of all the festivities. Public sails run all weekend, but don’t wait to buy your ticket for some of these exclusive and historic events:

Wednesday August 29 at 6:00

Friday August 31 at 11:00AM

Welcome to Bluenose II and Columbia!  This historic event is not to be missed as these two iconic schooners enter the harbor together, joined by Adventure and Roseway and Ardelle and the Lannon. The best seat in the harbor as history is being made is right here! Join Maritime Gloucester’s Executive Director, Michael De Koster as the fleet turns out to start the Gloucester Schooner Festival in style.

Saturday September 1 starting at 10:45 to 4:45

Maritime Heritage Day One-Hour Sails! The Ardelle brings the public out to the harbor for a tour of the Schooner Festival fleet. Be a part of the action!

Check their schedule for other public sail times. MG members always receive a discount on Ardelle tickets!


Be at part of this happening place!

Maritime Gloucester is seeking volunteer docents for our galleries and waterfront campus. Docents conduct tours and provide a unique and engaging visitor experience. Ideal candidates are cheerful, curious, strong public speakers, and have knowledge and interest in Cape Ann’s maritime history and culture. Training will be provided with opportunities to shadow current docents.

If you are interested, please email

SmartFlower and Sustainable Curiosity


Hey Joe!

Thanks again for having me on Good Morning Gloucester. It was truly an amazing experience for me to be able to talk about something I love with my Dad and his best friends.

I have attached a SmartFlower Presentation and Picture to this email.

I am currently promoting sustainable curiosity on GW’s campus, which helps raise awareness for sustainable movements through the visualization of the SmartFlower. GW is run on 50% Solar power, but the farms are in North Carolina, therefore most students are not aware of GW’s commitment to their climate leadership statement. Now students can walk through a beautiful campus with a beautiful SmartFlower with GW’s logo. Additionally, it provides lifelong energy and can be compared to a lifelong bond with leaving legacy behind for your family.

Questions? Contact Connor McCarthy- 978-500-2729





No Keepers Today?

I introduced by sister to Rafe’s Chasm recently. A departing fisherman noted there had been “no keepers” that day.  I beg to differ at least in regard to beauty and peace.  Rafe’s Chasm is a keeper in all ways……….


We weren’t the only ones enjoying the day out there.


It’s delightful to find these!



This,  however, I would put in the category of “No Keepers”. You’d think I’d be used to odd sights by now, but no…….