Easy Peasy Lobster


Kate’s been away living the dream in Punta Cana at Hard Rock.

I didn’t have a plan for dinner and just needed to get to bed asap after work so bringing lobsters home was the plan.

So just having a couple small lobsters I took a casserole dish with glass top, poured a little water in the bottom and placed the glass top on and let it rip in the microwave for one minute to warm up the water before placing the lobsters in.

8 minutes covered in the microwave and they came out perfectly.

Then I took the dish out, drained the hot water out and filled it up with an ice bath.

Ten minutes later, perfectly ready to shuck .

Best part was how easy the clean up was.  A couple of swipes with soap on the sponge and it was so fresh and so clean clean.

Goddamn they were delicious.


Several days ago, while a Mama Monarch was busy ovipositing several dozen eggs on the Marsh Milkweed growing in our garden, facebook friend Amy T shared a photo of three Monarch caterpillars munching on her Marsh Milkweed. It’s been a banner year on Cape Ann for Monarch butterflies and caterpillars – let’s hope they all make to Mexico!


Dear Friends of AVP,

Annisquam Village Players is now accepting applications for its Theater Arts Scholarship. The scholarship of up to $1000 is available to students aged 8-22, who have demonstrated a commitment to developing their artistic talent in acting, voice and/or dance, and have participated in at least one AVP production in the past three years. The scholarship funds can be used for any artistic development, such as classes or private instruction in acting, voice or dance, or tuition to a school or camp program offering such instruction.Applications are due Aug. 31. Visit annisquamvillageplayers.com for more information.

Annisquam Village Players

President Lincoln appointed postmaster, abolitionist, Main Street proprietor, gold star dad, overseer of the poor, gardener: William H. Haskell house history 44 Pleasant St., Gloucester Mass

44 Pleasant Street Gloucester Mass_former home William H Haskell_20180817_©c ryan (2)
44 Pleasant Street 2018

44 Pleasant Street now (above); then (below)

William Humphrey Haskell

Dates: b.January 23, 1810 – d.August 26, 1902
Parents: Eli (b. 1776 Gloucester, MA) and Lydia (Woodbury Bray) Haskell
Brother: Epes
Grandfather: Elias Haskell
First Wife and two daughters:  Sarah Ann Bray (1811-1836) “died September 12, 1836 leaving two daughters* now deceased, one of whom (Sarah*) married a Mr. (Thomas*) Symonds of Reading and the other (Judith*) married Edwin Bradley of Rockport and was the mother of Mr. Edwin Archer Bradley* of Gloucester, Mass.” E Archer Bradley was Captain Sylvanus Smith son-in-law.  E Archer Bradley is listed in the 1913 Polk directory as Vice President of the Gloucester Mutual Fishing Insurance Co and Director Rocky Neck Marine Railway Company.

Second Wife and six children: Mary S. Smith (died August 15, 1889) Married July 19, 1838. They had six children: “William G. Haskell of Washington, DC, Col. Edward H. Haskell and Charles A Haskell of Newton, Frank A. Haskell of California and Mrs. Saddie, wife of Samuel W. Brown of this city. One son, Asaph S. Haskell, laid his life on the altar of his country at Morehead City, N.C., September 28, 1863, of yellow fever while a member of Co. C, Twenty-third Regiment, where he had gone awaiting transportation home, his death occurring on the date of the expiration of his term of enlistment.”
Raised: West Gloucester, learned the trade of shoemaker according to obituary
Gloucester 250th Anniversary: served as Vice President of 250th celebration committee
Residences: 44 Pleasant Street (was between Dale and Pleasant streets and beyond where Carroll Steele is located now) formerly address 32 Pleasant Street, rear– either may have evidence Undergound Railroad. Haskell’s lots spread between Dale and Pleasant.* Another Haskell (Cpt. John Haskell) was associated with 34 Pleasant (former Moose Home) and Melvin Haskell with 136 Main Street.

*Biographical information supplemented August 29th-updated thanks to Sandy and Sarah with Gloucester Achives. I wanted to confirm Haskell’s address and home, because streets and numbers change on maps over time, and because I knew Sandy could help best with tracking down cemetery information about Haskell’s first wife. and the daughters’ names missing from records. Haskell’s first wife is buried in West Gloucester- historic Sumner St. Cemetery. Haskell and his first wife had two daughters. Sarah Ann Frances, born September 28, 1832 in Gloucester, died young, in December 1853. She married Thomas S. Symonds July 1851. (Haskell and his second wife named one of their daughters, Sarah “Seddie” Symonds Haskell, after his first child.)  The second daughter, Judith Goldsmith, born February 20, 1836, married Edwin Archer Bradley on November 8, 1854. 


“OLDEST MALE RESIDENT DEAD: William H. Haskell Closes Life at Age of 92 years- An Original Abolitionist and Life-long Republican

Willilam H Haskell Gloucester Mass front page article obituary

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Grandson of Eastern point Lighthouse Keeper


Sometimes a walk on the breakwater connects you to some history.

I met Steve Macy, who is in the area on a business trip, he decide to come out and visit Eastern Point Lighthouse where his grandfather,  Francis Macy was the lighthouse keeper from 1931-1941.  Steve’s father lives out on the west coast and hopefully he will see this post.  I provided Steve with a GMG Sticker.

Link to Eastern Point Lighthouse Information

Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

Romeo was found yesterday in Rockport as part of their regular Thursday ride from Epping New Hampshire. That’s Retired Old Motorcyclists Eating Out. And yes, their wives and partners apparently allow them to wear those shirts! 🙂 Thanks to FOB Paula Ryan O’Brien for her on-the`spot photography!


Leader of the pack:

Fred Thibeau says “Hello!” to the Gallaghers of Two Sisters fame.

Ride on guys! Great meeting you.

GHS Class of 1963 55th Reunion


Click on Photo to view slide show.

Bob Whynot wrote:

David Lufkin, our Cadet Colonel took the pictures.  Rick Gonsalves and I put it together.  My cousin John Zarrella is our official Chef (Woburn High class of 71).  Rick, who wrote 2 books on special teams and kickers has worked at all levels of football instructing kickers even at the NFL level was able to borrow the Superbowl trophy that Brady carried in the parade so we could hold it and have pictures taken.  We’ve been doing these post reunion cookouts for the last 3 five year reunions.  This is the only one that we didn’t have an actual reunion the night before.  Despite the threat of weather and the lack of publicity, we got 30 classmates, including Marc and Ann Crandlemire, who came from Georgia, and Jack and Barb (Murphy) Hansen, who came from Ohio.  Check out my Facebook page to read more about it.  Thanks. 

Pork Shoulder #BurntEnds Recipe For The Win!

Northeast BBQ

They Take A While.  But They Are Soooo Worth It!

Fired up the Weber Kettle using the snake method.  Cherry for smoke.

Trimmed the fat collar off the pork shoulder and put on a dry BBQ rub.

Placed a drip tray on the charcoal grate under the shoulder and let smoke roll starting at 9:30AM.  The kettle ran between 220-26 all day with very few adjustments.  Didn’t open the lid til 1:30.


Spritzed the shoulder with root beer every 30 minutes or so until we got to an internal temp of 170.   She sat n the stall at 160 degrees for over an hour or so.

Once the shoulder was 170, I pulled it off and cut one inch (roughly) chunks out of it.  Took the drip pan that was under the but and put all the cut up ends in along with a small bottle of Sweet Baby Rays…

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Congratulations to all of our Artist Members Exhibition IV award recipients!

Cape Ann Community

Congratulations to all of our Artist Members Exhibition IV award recipients! Dan DeLouise, Bruce Brathwaite, Richard Giedd, Jude Abbe, Robert Steedman, Robin Beckwith, Paul George, JC Airoldi, Dale Ratcliff, Elizabeth Roades, Steve Kennedy, Jeff Weaver, TM Nicholas and Marny Rawls . Exhibition IV is on view through October 20th. Please join us for the reception and awards presentation on Sunday, 26th (1 -3pm). Open free to the public!

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