Berkshire Museum Nailbiter- Healy halts Sotheby’s…some

shuffleton-s-barbershop-1950The Berkshire Eagle has done a great job covering the Berkshire Museum’s puzzling year of undoing.  The museum has consigned 40 of its most recognized and regarded works of art to finance an expansion and rebrand. Sotheby’s Berkshire Museum sales commence Nov 13th.

Read the Attorney General’s complete filing here:,523205?

Norman Rockwell’s sons lobbied hard for the art to stay in Pittsfield, per the artist’s intent. One granddaughter penned a different opinion, a plea to George Lucas–a major Rockwell collector– hoping he’d acquire them for his future illustration museum. Sotheby’s has unveiled billboards. The museum is firm on selling.  Next steps?

it’s up to the Berkshire Superior Court judge to hear both sides tomorrow morning.



6 thoughts on “Berkshire Museum Nailbiter- Healy halts Sotheby’s…some

  1. Classic Rockwell and so true captivating views I have a tine at home that has four scenes of his! This is the link to tin! Great job again! Saturday Evening Post brought to life!! Has the runaway, boy on chair getting shot in butt, self-portrait of Norman Rockwell on top and the other to escape me have to look at it again! Thank You!

    🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


  2. Don’t Sell! This ongoing drama has made me so disgusted. I imagine the museum is in financial trouble and that is really the root of the sale-I have seen this same scenario play out time and time again.


  3. I did take a look at the tin at home and this is what it said and had 5 pictures also!

    Bottom of TIN…
    Norman Rockwell (1894-1994)
    Rockwell Museum Stockbridge Massachusetts on 136 Acers of Forested woodland
    My tin (Container) made in England
    CASE 1994 Exclusively for Manufacturing Co Inc. Yonkers NY 10701-6616
    The Curtis publishing Company

    🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂


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