I support our Police and Firefighters


Much has been made about the standing up or kneeling during NFL games.  As I understand it it started out as a statement against police brutality.

I’d like to go on record that I believe the vast majority of police officers are good people and I support them.  Are there some bad cops, absolutely, just like there are bad seeds in EVERY single profession out there but these are the exceptions not the rule.

I know many policemen.  I don’t envy their jobs.  They care about doing the right things and how much they love our community.  I couldn’t imagine having to witness some of the crap they have to deal with day in and day out.

We’re lucky to have them.  The world and our community would not be as good a place as it is without them.

I tip my cap to the first responders and people charged with keeping the peace.

Thanks for all you do.

7 thoughts on “I support our Police and Firefighters

  1. It didn’t just start out as against police brutality, it still IS about police brutality. Which is not just a accusation – it happens all the time. It is also about widespread acceptance of racism as normal, or brushing it under the rug, or making it about something else. We all know there are many wonderful human beings who are on the police force. The kneeling is not about them – it is about those who are NOT wonderful human beings.


  2. I support firefighters and police I have respect and feel proud as they risk their lives for us my father was a Gloucester policeman.


  3. Great Job Joey!! And I believe in the native tradition too (Until you walk in there moccasins don’t judge anyone including Police! I want to go on record here it’s those same police (GPD) that rescued my family from some very serious domestic violence father with PTSD from Korean WAR Service which I did not understand as a child but do now! The GPD Officers saved three boys and sister from his anger when drinking and got very violent!! I forgive him now too! This happened in early 60’s I was 6-7 years old then!


    America – Another Try (He drank the weekend away)!


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