Artist constituency steps up mightily! Don’t miss Oct 4th annual art auction scene for Sawyer Free Library

It’s great to see the beautiful Matz Gallery at Sawyer Free featuring local artists again. There’s always room for the traveling exhibitions on walls and rooms elsewhere in the building, but I think the Matz gallery and Sawyer Free library sings most when it devotes its main exhibition space to local artists.

Save the date for the LIVE event! OCTOBER 4, 2017

The annual benefit exhibition is hung salon style in advance of an exciting annual live auction reception. Stop by to preview the art or leave a silent bid.  Minimum opening bids range from $40-$400. On October 4th, bring your family, friends and co-workers. There’s always a great buzz in the room.  Bid alone or ‘group-on’ with friends–and generously! You’ll help the artist and the art community in general as well as the library.

Sawyer Free Library deserves the community’s support. Here’s a list of all the 2017 participating magnanimous artists (many are repeat donors). Enjoy some photos from the exhibit to draw your attention to the art.

Jerry Ackerman, Deborah F. Aldrich, Cynthia Asaro, Anita Beloff, Baraka Robin Berger, Coco Berkman, Sheila Farren Billings, Bob Blue, Carmel Bourneuf, Isabelle K. Brown, Pamela Burke, Ann G. Campbell, Nancy Caplan, Katherine Coakley, Ray Crane, Mary Crowningshield, Mary Curcio, Susan W. Daly, Terry Del Percio-Piedmonte, Nancy Davis, Patricia Doran, Phyllis Feld, Susie Field, Karen Fitzgerald, James Formichella, Paul George, Dina Gomery, Don Gorvett, Noreen Hale, Marion Hall, Joy Halsted, Jeanne Havran, Olga Hayes, Sandra Herdman, Deanie Johnson, Phyllis J. Kaplan, Fred Kepler, Barbara Kremer,  Mary Jane Lane, Carole Loiacono, Judy Magee, Florence Martin, Mary McCarl, Roy McCauley, Perry McIntosh, Jeannie McIntyre, Danny Mears, Judith Menicocci, KT Morse, Kate Nordstrom, Christine Pitman, Mary Rhinelander, Charlotte Roberts, Sandra L Sperry, Marilyn Swift, Bonnie Sylvester, Peter Tysver, Juni Van Dyke, Jeff Weaver, Alyce Wherren, Bernica Wilcox, Curtis Wilcox, Marnie Williams, Jane Wolf, Theresa Wonson, Heidi Caswell Zander


2016 exhibition

7 thoughts on “Artist constituency steps up mightily! Don’t miss Oct 4th annual art auction scene for Sawyer Free Library

  1. Thanks for sharing this Catherine by Uncle Jack’s favorite hangout in his later years book worm indeed he lived in two locations: over off main by police station, and then over on the street close to GHS name slips me now! These are some classics too! 🙂 Dave

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  2. Hi Dave, yes Sawyer Free is pretty fantastic! The auction preview show looks wonderful — beautiful art and the volunteers who manage it have it down. Who is your uncle? Was the street Centennial or one of its spokes?


    1. Catherine,

      Answer to your question about Uncles name called mom to ensure my memory was correct, and to confirm some of the details. Out B-weekly chat sometimes more!

      My Uncle’s name was “Fairban John/Jack MacNeil.” Very big book reader (Sawyer Free Library)…Confirmed that he checked out 7 books each week and read a book a day. His house there were stacks of books all the time and full bookshelves for sure. Remember in those days John/Jack interchangeable like John/Jack Kennedy President from the cape!

      The when I was that way 1950’s and 1960’s he lived next to Busy Bee Café went into an alleyway to a flight of stairs to his house then. He was in his mid to late 80’s while painting shutters on his house, and paid a young man to hold the ladder 1 Dollar and hour then. He was reaching and painting a shutter when it gave way broke lose weathered and fell off ladder and broke his hip area leg and doctor told him would not walk again stubborn and determined man he did with a cane and slowed some.

      He had a saddle mom said always polishing it kept it on the radiator when not in use.

      My Uncle Dick (Richard MacNeil) stay with him for a while in Gloucester also according to mom as it was before my time he worked for DPW Gloucester snowplowed in winter and his son Scotty my cousin both now rest together in the seaside cemetery off Langsford Street. My aunt his wife(Teresa MacNeil was a Nurse) told me in a letter 1999 that had a New Hampshire head stone or stone off the covered bridges he so loved had summer cabin in New Hampshire. When I lived there he lived across from the Ames Estate 1950’s and 1960’s

      Hopefully spelled everything right…That brain cell of mine is working overtime here! 🙂 Dave


      1. Correction on Terry My Aunt mom said she was a social worker took care of the elderly folks that way! I was told wrong by another so this is to correct career field. The bottom line is the foundation is strong that way always has been and I carry it within! Dave:-)


  3. Thanks for the response! I will have to go back to residence to get that information we as kids only Knew him as (Uncle Jack) moved on in his late 90’s, he feel off a ladder painting when he was in his late 80’s sort of slowed him some he rode with Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough riders. I look it up and get back with you! I know he watched us when mom had things to do in Gloucester 3 boys…It could have been Centennial think it was on a hill from what I remember and not far from GHS because we would walk over there!



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