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Sign up here  to get your free Reward card and enjoy the gift of free awesome food from The Serenitee Group.

Serenitee Rewards Card

Here’s the info from The Serenitee restaurant Group website-

Account for your good taste.

The Serenitee Rewards Card allows you earn points towards free food and experiences every time you dine at one of our restaurants. You earn 10 points for every dollar spent. All you have to do is put your Rewards Card next to your credit card when you pay. Here are the standard rewards:

2,500 points = Free Appetizer, Salad or Dessert
3,500 points = Pizza, Sushi Roll or Sharing Platter
5,500 points = Free Entrée
10,000+ points = Tickets to special events, like wine dinners and cocktail parties, plus some fun rewards we’re still dreaming up.

But there’s more…

  • We also add surprises through the year. You might find a free appetizer show up‚Ķ

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Unopened 1959 Gloucester senior class photo of a person named Michael Howard.

Hi Joey,

A couple of years ago my wife and I bought a house on Riverview Road. One day while I was up in the attic putting down new insulation I found a package wrapped in what looked like a brown paper bag. I thought I found a bag of Cash!! Unfortunately it wasn’t.. It was however an unopened 1959 Gloucester senior class photo of a person named Michael Howard. After doing a little research, I found out that it was the son of the original builders of the house. I guess he’d be in his mid 70’s now and if he is still around, we’d love to try to give it back to him. We were wondering if there was anything you could do with Good Morning Gloucester to help us see if Michael or the family are still in Gloucester?

Brad Curcuru978-509-9455


Tree Swallows here, there and everywhere! Nesting has begun and these graceful aerialists can be seen at every Cape Ann beach, dune, and meadow–twisting, turning, dip, diving, and dashing while catching insects mid-air.
Tree Swallows dip-dive bathing at Henry’s Pond

More About Tree Swallows:

M is For Migration Through Massachusetts
Responding to Reader’s Questions About Tree Swallows
New Short Film: Tree Swallows Massing


Don’t miss the 5th Annual Schooner Challenge! Proceeds to benefit the Evelina M. Goulart, the Essex-built, Gloucester fishing schooner. Tickets may be ordered online at or call 978-375-3337.


What if Edward Hopper couldn’t take the train? MBTA train closure mitigation forum June 5 City Hall Gloucester

MBTA Mitigation Public Forum June 5 at 6:30pm in Gloucester City Hall-Kyrouz 2nd floor

landscape with bridge watercolor whitney

One of the most celebrated and beloved American artists of the twentieth century, Edward Hopper, frequently traveled by public rail from New York to Gloucester. Usually it’s fairly simple to experience Gloucester as Hopper and other notables did–by train and on foot. Hopper walked¬†to lodgings just a short jaunt from the train station in downtown Gloucester and to the many¬†sites he sketched and painted. The result was more than 110 works of art, including views of the Annisquam River Bridge to Cape Ann, the boarding house in downtown where he stayed, the railroad gates, and numerous other subjects still visible.

Today, the MBTA route that Hopper took not only serves weekday commuters, but brings visitors to this historic port. Trains connect New England history, the arts, and natural beauty. Summer or winter, trains make it easy to reach a beach, historical site, or favorite restaurant, to get out of the bustle and enjoy lingering in our coastal towns. They offer a real allure, crossing some of the most incredibly scenic vistas of our special New England landscape, and seasonally charming riders.

There’s no question that planned closures in the busiest of seasons will have negative impact for commuters and visitors. Desperate infrastructure needs will regrettably impede long lasting economic developments tied to Massachusetts’ cultural assets, out door recreation opportunities, and other attractions. The necessary closures do offer an opportunity to think about how to increase MBTA ridership including promoting New England’s historical, artistic and natural riches–MBTA as “Massachusetts’ green go-Between for the Train and Arts scene.”

photo captions:¬†There are more than 110 Edward Hopper works of art inspired by Gloucester, MA. Four reference trains: that’s how he rolled. Above¬†Untitled¬†Edward Hopper drawing in the collection of the Whitney Museum of American Art (catalogue “Landscape with Bridge.”)¬†It is Gloucester, MA. I hope the new bridge design can add a little yellow bridge house reference. Below: Allegra Boverman, Gloucester Daily Times, ¬†2012.

Sign up for city notices like this News Flash from Chris Sicuranza, Office of the Mayor Romeo Theken, posted on May 30, 2017:allegra

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Gloucester Police to Recognize 6-Year-Old Boy Who Donated Birthday Funds to Cops For Kids With Cancer

Cape Ann Community

unnamed.jpgMason Adams dressed as a police officer for Halloween and had a chance to meet his heroes at school.

GLOUCESTER ‚ÄĒ Interim Chief John McCarthy is pleased to announce that the Gloucester Police Department will welcome and give thanks to 6-year-old Mason Adams, who insisted that his friends donate money to his police heroes rather than spend the money on gifts for his birthday.

WHEN: Thursday, June 1, at 10:30 a.m.

WHERE: Gloucester Police Station, 197 Main St.

WHO: Gloucester Police Department Edward McNelley, director of Cops For Kids With Cancer 6-year-old Mason Adams and his family

WHAT: Ahead of his sixth birthday party, Mason Adams told his parents that he would rather see his friends donate money to his hometown heroes at the Gloucester Police Department than receive presents. Honoring his wishes, his parents set up an online fund and also collected donations at his birthday party and…

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Scenes from Jane Deering Gallery reception

Photographs sent to GMG from Jane Deering Gallery

‘Drawn from Life’ @ Jane Deering Gallery . 19 Pleasant Street . Gloucester ¬†. ¬†through June 30th . Fridays/Saturdays/Sundays 12-5:00PM.

jane 2

photo above Leon Doucette speaking with Kate Bresnahan

jdg drawn from life

 Drawn from Life group show installation May-June 2017 Jane Deering Gallery. Works by artists Mary Heebner (California); Leon Doucette (Cape Ann); Celia Eldridge (Cape Ann)

installation jane deering gallery

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Cape Ann Animal Aid Happenings!

Yard Sale to Benefit Cape Ann Animal Aid


Annual multi-family indoor yard sale to benefit Cape Ann Animal Aid on Saturday, June 17th from 9am-4pm. Rain or shine! Meet shelter pups and shop for great items to support a great cause! Generously hosted by Cape Ann Auction, 82 Main St., Gloucester, MA. yard sale 2017

5 Year Anniversary Party and Open House


OpenHousePosterJoin us for a week long Open House celebration in honor of the 5th Anniversary of our Christopher Cutler Rich Animal Shelter! Featuring adoption specials, photo opportunities, snacks, prizes, donation drive and more!

We invite you to bring donations and 5 is the magic number! …5 cans of pet food | 5 rolls of paper towels | $5 dollars | 5 gift cards | 5 pet toys | 5 packages of treats etc. Thank you!

Open House Hours:
Saturday 6/3- 11am-4pm
Sunday 6/4 ‚Äď 12pm-4pm
Monday 6/5 ‚Äď Closed
Tuesday 6/6 ‚Äď 11am-5pm
Wednesday 6/7 ‚Äď 11am-4pm
Thursday 6/8 ‚Äď 11am-7pm
Friday 6/9 ‚Äď 11am-6pm

Gloucester‚Äôs ‚ÄėLove Fest‚Äô Project is coming to Cape Ann Animal Aid! This interactive community art project is traveling throughout the city this summer, spreading messages of LOVE and POSITIVTY. ‚ô•

Intro to Tong Ren ~ June 1

Cape Ann Wellness

Tong Ren combines Western knowledge of anatomy and physiology with the ancient princle of ‚ÄúChi‚ÄĚ to create a powerful healing modality.

In this workshop, you will learn the theory of Tong Ren and experience this very relaxing energy therapy through an experiental group healing session. Tong Ren is known to complement other forms of treatment and proveds a safe, non-invasive alternative for people seeking to improve their well-being and restore the body’s natural flow of nurturing energy.

We welcome participants to come with and disclose their health concerns, challenges and medical diagnosis for healing. A Q&A will follow the healing class.

Noel Poirer, medical board licensed acupuncturist, will answer your questions about how Tong Ren may help you. Noel has studied and trained with Tom Tam in the Tam Healing System. In 2010 he became a certified Tong Ren Practitioner. Through is work at The Collective Healing Center, Noel…

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Backyard Growers recipient of Cummings Foundation $100K for 100 grant

Cape Ann Community

Backyard Growers is the proud recipient of a Cummings Foundation $100K for 100 grant!

Backyard Growers is one of 100 local nonprofits to receive grants of $100,000 each through Cummings Foundation‚Äôs ‚Äú$100K for 100‚ÄĚ program. The Gloucester-based organization was chosen from a total of 549 applicants during a competitive review process.


Backyard Growers is a grassroots organization helping to reshape Gloucester’s relationship with food and healthy eating. We provide resources and support to establish vegetable gardens at homes, housing communities, organizations, and schools, and provide learning opportunities in growing and preparing fresh produce in order to create life-long gardeners inspired by the power of growing and eating one’s own food.

Representing Backyard Growers, Lara Lepionka, Executive Director, and Anna Swanson, Community Programs Manager, will join approximately 300 other guests at a reception at TradeCenter 128 in Woburn to celebrate the $10 million infusion into Greater Boston’s nonprofit sector. With the…

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