Gloucester Wind Turbine Tour and Electric Vehicle Showcase 2017


Saturday, May 13 2017 – Wind turbine tour.


Join us for pizza and a tour of the Gloucester wind turbines! Hear their stories and go inside the towers.

We’ll also have an electric vehicle showcase before each tour!

Due to popularity of this free event, we’re planning to offer two tours—one starting at 10:30am (EV showcase & food–then the actual tour will start by 10:50), the next at 11:30am (EV showcase–actual tour will begin at noon). Please indicate your preference when you RSVP.

Contact or 800-287-3950 x5 with questions.


Gloucester Wind Turbine Tour & Electric Vehicle Showcase 2017


Blackburn Industrial Park

(Gloucester Engineering parking lot)

Gloucester, MA

MAY 2 $1,000 Singer-Songwriter Challenge Returns Today 7:30 PM @ Katrina’s · Gloucester

Line up is subject to change


Katrina’s Bar & Grille presents their second $1,000 Singer-Songwriter Challenge: an 8-week, performance event open to all musicians. Starting on Tuesday, May 2nd, this weekly event will select a finalist at the end of each night for 7 weeks. On the 8th week, all of the weekly finalists come together and perform for a piece of the $1,000 cash prize.

Sign up by emailing your name, phone number and whether you are a solo artist, duo, trio, etc. to

How it works:
This weekly event, hosted by Chris Langathianos, will showcase musicians – solo performers, duos, trios & bands (no drums as setups must take less than 5 minutes) – allowing them to perform up to 3 songs. Performers will play before a panel of judges. The judges panels will change from week to week and will be made up of local musicians, business owners, etc. After each performance, judges will provide their live feedback to the performer and audience. A confidential score card will be kept, and a weekly winner will be announced at the end of the evening.

After the 7 weeks of preliminaries, all 7 finalists and 1 wild card will return for week 8 to perform 3 songs – at least 1 MUST BE AN ORIGINAL – before a panel of celebrity judges. 3 winners will be selected and will go home with a piece of the $1,000 cash prize. 1st place / $700, 2nd / $200, and 3rd / $100.

Other details:
1. Performers may participate on a weekly basis but may only win one week.
2. In the event of high demand for performance spots, the event host reserves the right to move previous performers further down the list.
3. All audio equipment is provided – PA, microphones, stands, and monitors.

Sign Ups:
Performers may register for a performance slot by emailing Chris Langathianos at or through this Facebook page

If you have any questions, they may be directed to Chris at the email above.

Hudson Gallery at 120 Main Street opens May 13 with mother and son exhibit |MJ Caseldon and Donna Caseldon

From the new gallery’s press release:

“Hudson Gallery – Opening Gala and Inaugural Exhibit Driven by Technology
Fields of the Mind: Images, Spaces and Feelings from the Subconscious Mind
Interactive Sound Sculpture and Experimental Art
May 13 to May 29, 2017, Gala May 13th from 7-10pm

Hudson Gallery announces an opening gala and inaugural exhibit showcasing creative technologist MJ Caselden and experimental artist Donna Caselden. Fields of the Mind is a mother and son synthesis of visual and aural artwork exploring sound, magnetism, self-reflection and contemplation. May 13 to May 29, 2017 with a gala reception on Saturday, May 13th from 7-10pm. A participatory Mother’s Day weekend event. MJ Caselden’s sound-generating sculptures use varying magnetic fields to induce vibrations in
metal and wood. Viewers cast shadows while electromagnets and vibrating metal strings on
wooden sculpture create resonance and sound. Participants improvise and interact controlling
the sound through motion. “So the vibrations are acoustic, coming from organic materials, but The experience is driven through contemporary technologies,” MJ Caselden said.
Magnetic sound sculptures can provide a fully immersive, transcendent experience. MJ has
collaborated with teachers from long-standing healing arts practices such as Asana Yoga,
Tibetan Tummo breathwork, acupuncture, and Ch’an meditation. He leads group listening
rituals and innovative technology workshops exploring integration of meditative sound into
healing arts and lifestyle. His sculptures have been featured in art, meditation, and retreat
spaces worldwide, including the New Museum of Contemporary Art, Massachusetts Institute
of Technology, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, and Times Square.

Donna Caselden is an experimental two-dimensional artist. She works with acrylic, watercolor, Encaustic and oil. Sensorial memories and experience render her canvases deeply personal.
“The imagery is born of feeling, as my brush marries the canvas I wonder what it will birth,” Donna Caselden said. The featured works engage via layers, depth and color baths. Donna is an Active member of Cape Ann’s Experimental Art Group at Rockport Art Association, Society for Encouragement of Arts, Rocky Neck Art Colony, and National Association of Women Artists.
MJ and Donna are natives of North Andover and Andover, Massachusetts, respectively,
suburbs north of Boston. They both approach art abstractly guided by either irrational actions or emotion. “We both prioritize the feelings that our works inspire over conceptualization or Analysis. So, we are both “feelers”, like that, although our mediums are totally different,” MJ Caselden said. A connection exists in that sound meditation is about tapping into oneself, and
often involves accessing internal mental visions from subconscious places. “Our creative Energies collide in similar realms. Painting abstractly entails drawing imagery from the Subconscious and projecting it onto the canvas,” Donna Caselden said.
MJ studied electronics at the University of Southern California and New York University,
sound design at Berklee College of Music and signal processing at Tsinghua University in
Beijing and at USC’s Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (LONI). His interest in energy exchange through technology led him to prototyping and electronics design. MJ presently directs a team Of engineers and designers creating innovative prototypes, products, and works of art for
entities such as Intel, Lexus, and the Microsoft Music x Technology program with Listen.
Donna’s formidable design background includes interior space, experimental painting and Wearable art. One wearable design was awarded the Certificate of Excellence by ManneqArt for recycled art. The dress was on public display in the greater D.C. area, and at the Peabody Essex Museum as part of the World of Wearable Art exhibit. Her work is shown in northeast museums and galleries. Donna attended Boston College and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics. Hudson’s mission is to create community through art, education, and social activism. The
gallery is part of a collaborative national initiative celebrating the Science Art Movement and the aesthetic, intellectual and political impact of technology on artistic practice and discourse.”

Uncaged Tulips!

The tulips and Fisherman’s Wives Memorial have finally been uncaged for all to enjoy on their daily walks!  I took advantage of the dreary weather after work last night to get a few shots of the vibrant, dewy tulips!  Thank you to all who put in endless hours of planting and preparation.   The result is just gorgeous!!


Audubon Exclusive through May 7th: Watch ‘Birds of May,’ a New Documentary About Red Knots

The film explores the growing debate over the environmental impact of oyster farms in Delaware Bay, an important stopover site for the threatened shorebirds.

Documentary filmmaker Jared Flesher, “The Red Knot has been on my list since the very beginning,” he says. “As a species, it has all the elements of a dramatic story.” The bird is charismatic and attractive, particularly in its red-breasted summer plumage, and it makes one of the longest annual migrations on Earth, flying up to 9,000 miles each way from the southern tip of South America to the northernmost reaches of the Arctic where the species nests. Every May, as Red Knots make their long trek north, they pause at Delaware Bay in southern New Jersey to refuel, gobbling down the fat-rich horseshoe crab eggs that coat the shore.

At least, that’s what’s supposed to happen. Red Knots already have to overcome numerous challenges on such a long migration, but today they also face new threats. Climate change puts the species’ Arctic nesting sites at risk, and there’s trouble with their main food source at Delaware Bay, where in the early 2000s horseshoe crab over harvesting led to a Red Knot population crash. Since then, the subspecies that migrates through Delaware Bay has been listed under the Endangered Species Act, and the crab harvest has been limited. Red Knots seem to be slowly rebounding, but conservationists are worried that the population is still fragile.

As a storyteller, a species disappearing from earth forever—that’s just about the most dramatic hook there is,” Flesher says. And as he explores in Birds of May, which was partly funded by the Washington Crossing Audubon Society, a new threat may be lurking for the far-flying birds at their New Jersey stopover site.”

See the trailer below and watch the film exclusively at Audubon here only through May 7th.

Don’t miss Deborah Cramer speaking about the making of her book about the Red Knots “The Narrow Edge,” at the Sawyer Free Library on Thursday evening at 7pm.

On the sandy beaches of the Delaware Bay, in New Jersey, a visitor arrives each May from the southernmost tip of South America. Name: Calidris canutus rufa. The rufa red knot.

What makes the red knot remarkable is its epic journey: 19,000 miles per year, from Tierra del Fuego to the Arctic Circle and back again, one of the longest migrations in the animal kingdom.

The Delaware Bay serves as the most important stepping stone during the red knot’s long spring migration. Famished knots, having flown without rest for as many as seven days straight, arrive on the bay having lost half their body weight. For two crucial weeks, the birds gorge on the eggs of horseshoe crabs. Red knots that gain enough weight will survive the final leg of their journey to the Arctic. Others perish.

In 2015, the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service listed the rufa red knot as a federally threatened species—it faces threats throughout the Western Hemisphere, from habitat loss in South America to the impacts of climate change in the Arctic. The calamitous overharvest of horseshoe crabs on the Delaware Bay last decade was another major driver of the red knot’s decline—when the starving birds arrived, there weren’t enough eggs waiting for them.

Most recently, in 2016, state and federal regulators approved a plan to permit a 1,400 percent increase in oyster farming on the Delaware Bay. The oyster farms operate on the same tidal flats used by hungry red knots at low tide.

Birds of May, filmed in May 2016 on the beaches of the Delaware Bay, is filmmaker Jared Flesher’s ode to the natural spectacle of the red knot’s annual visit. It’s also an investigation of potential new threats to red knot survival. Not everyone is sure that expanded oyster farming and red knots can happily coexist. Against the scenic backdrop of the bay, Flesher interviews both oyster farmers and the shorebird biologists who fear that an oyster farming boom here could push the rufa red knot closer to extinction.

Read more about filmmaker Jared Flesher here:

A tiny shorebird inspires N.J. filmmaker and a flock of poets

senior thesis group art exhibit at Montserrat 301 Gallery | Opens May 10


301 Gallery | UNORTHODOX 

Jason Burroughs
Anna Nicole Pisani
Giulia Davis-Casale
Lexus Ortiz-Melo
Veronica Palermo
Vincent Esposito

Opening Reception:
Wednesday. May 10. 5-8PM
Montserrat |

301 Gallery
301 Cabot Street. Beverly MA
May 8 –  May 12

No peeking till the show!


Chamber Reception at Cruiseport for New and Prospective Members on Wednesday, May 3

Cape Ann Community

postcard front
The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce will be hosting a reception and information meeting for new and prospective members at Cruiseport (lower level) on Wednesday, May 3 from 5 to 7 PM.  Representatives from the Chamber’s Board of Directors and Ambassadors Committee, together with Chamber staff, will be on hand to provide information and answer questions about Chamber programs, services and member benefits.

Anyone interested in learning more about the Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce is invited and encouraged to attend a special night of networking. This will be a great opportunity to meet other Chamber members and get to know the Chamber better.

The event will feature information stations staffed by members of the Chamber’s Committees and Councils, including Next Generation Cape Ann, and a brief Chamber overview presented by CEO Ken Riehl and Board President Sara Young of Schooner Adventure. There is no charge for admission and light…

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Countdown to Deborah Cramer’s Narrow Edge 7PM talk at Sawyer Free May 4th | Matz Gallery is primed with fine art exhibit


Fresh from a National Academies of Sciences talk and before taking flight to the Indiana Dunes Birding Festival (hyperlinked because I know you’re going to want to Google it), multi award-winning author Deborah Cramer will give a lecture about the making of the Narrow Edge on Thursday May 4th from 7-8:30PM at Sawyer Free Library, 2 Dale Avenue, in her hometown, Gloucester, MA. The talk is sponsored by the library, Eastern Point Lit House, Kestrel, and The Gloucester Writers Center.


Red knots and horseshoe crabs–and Deborah Cramer— inspired artists Susan Quateman, Michael DiGiorgio, Janet Essley, Patty Hanlon, and George Textor. Their art is featured in a special group exhibit in Sawyer Free’s Matz Gallery alongside photographs from Cramer’s journey. As far as architecture, identity and culture go, a gallery threshold for a library in Gloucester is pretty perfect.

Susan Quateman writes about  her “silk paintings, horseshoe crabs and red knots: Lee Steele, Susan’s 91 year young silk painter friend and former Folly Cove Designer, gave her horseshoe crab shells she’d found on Folly Cove 25 years ago. They’re no longer found there. Susan used them as models to interpret with Jacquard dyes on silk, and painted the red knots from photographs.” Quateman’s  Narrow Edge series premiered at Cedar Tree Gallery in Essex.








The Narrow Edge: A Tiny Bird, an Ancient Crab and an Epic Journey
Order: Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Powell’s | IndieBound

The Narrow Edge
Best Book Award from the National Academies of Science, Medicine, and Engineering
Rachel Carson Book Award from the Society of Environmental Journalists
Reed Environmental Writing Award from the Southern Environmental Law Center

2017, participant in PBS American Experience film “Rachel Carson”

Piping plover fans local author Deborah Cramer on sandpipers is a must read and oh and dogs

Deborah Cramer upcoming Talks:

National Academies of Sciences, April 30th
Sawyer Free Library, May 4th
Indiana Dunes Birding Festival, May 6th
Northeast Migration Monitoring, May 17th
Salem Literary Festival, June 25th
Thoreau Society, July 12th