A Good Bicyclist Story

Hi Joey,

As the nice weather approaches so do the bicyclists that enjoying riding around the island.  We’ve all read the stories in the past regarding the difficulties that this can bring to the riders and us drivers along 127.  There are days when driving downtown from Lanesville can be tricky navigating by the cyclists.   We were recently blessed by one of these bicyclists.  Last week my husband had lost his wallet.  Besides the aggravation of replacing the drivers license and credit cards, he also had cash and a couple of great gift cards to two of our local restaurants.  Over the weekend my husband received a call from a Cambridge, MA resident “Desmond” who had found my husband’s wallet in the middle of 127 during a bike ride with his girlfriend.  My husband met up with him this past weekend and got his wallet back with everything in it!  We’re so happy that they came up for that ride around Gloucester!  Honesty and good will, Thank you Desmond!  He told my husband that he wanted him to call his girlfriend and tell her how much he loves Gloucester because he wants her to move up here someday 🙂   Yeah!


View from the rigging aboard the Thomas E Lannon 

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We are excited to be starting our 21st season sailing out of Seven Sea’s Wharf here n Gloucester on Saturday, May 13th.  On Mother’s Day, Sunday the 14th Mom Sail free with a full fare passenger on our 1:00-3:00 sail.
Also of exciting news, is that the Tall Ships are coming back to Boston in June and we will be right in the middle of all the action! We will be docked at Rowes Wharf in Boston the week of June 17th-22nd operating mostly private charters. Contact our charter coordinator Kiley (kileydavis@schooner.org) if you are interested.  As of right now we only have one public trip scheduled, which is a great one.  Folks can sail down to Boston with us on June 16th and get the chance to see all of the Ships on arrival day.  Tickets for that are just $125/p and more info is available on our website.  We will likely have other public trips but have not finalized that schedule yet.  If people join our VIP list at www.schooner.org we will be sending information about any public trips that way.


Heath Ellis
Schooner Thomas E. Lannon


You asked – we answered! Lots of folks have wanted to join us onboard for a public sail during the Tall Ships Visit – well, we just added one today.

Join us as on Friday, June 16th, as we head to Boston to participate in the Tall Ship’s 2017 celebration. We will depart from Gloucester at 10am and journey to Boston, arriving around 4:00 p.m. The various Tall Ships will be anchored in Boston Harbor and create an amazing sight for our approach. We will then get up close to as many boats as possible for a closer look.
Don’t miss this once in a lifetime opportunity.
Click the below link to book:


The Piping Plovers have returned to nest on Good Harbor Beach. Last night I counted five plovers, and today four!

Above the wrack line, males are creating nest scrapes for females to approve (or disapprove, as is often the case). The gents use their back legs to vigorously dig a slight depression. They then sit in the scrape and beckon to the ladies with a continuous piping call to come inspect the potential nesting site.

Dave Rimmer, Essex County Greenbelt director of land stewardship, this morning installed fencing around a possible nesting area. We are all hoping that the Piping Plovers will quickly establish a nest and the chicks will have hatched before the July 4th crowds descend upon the beach. Dave’s message to everyone enjoying GHB is that if the Plovers are left undisturbed, the chicks will have a far better chance of survival the earlier in the season they hatch. If the nest site is continually disturbed and egg laying is delayed again and again, the Plovers will be here all that much longer.

It’s not easy being a Piping Plover. Rest time between foraging and courting.

The Plovers have traveled many thousands of miles to reach our shores and are both weary from traveling and eager to establish nesting sites.

What can you do to help the Piping Plovers? Here are four simple things we can all do to protect the Plovers.

1) Don’t leave behind or bury trash or food on the beach. All garbage attracts predators such as crows, seagulls, foxes, and coyotes, and all four of these creatures EAT plover eggs and chicks.

2) Do not linger near the Piping Plovers or their nests. Activity around the Plovers also attracts gulls and crows.

3) Respect the fenced off areas that are created to protect the Plovers.

4) If pets are permitted, keep dogs leashed.

The last is the most difficult for folks to understand. Dogs threaten Piping Plovers in many ways and at every stage of their life cycle during breeding season, even the most adorable and well-behaved of pooches.

Dogs love to chase Piping Plovers (and other shorebirds) at the water’s edge. After traveling all those thousand of miles, the birds need sustenance. They are at the shoreline to feed to regain their strength.

Dogs love to chase piping Plovers at the wrack line. Here the birds are establishing where to nest. Plovers are skittish at this stage of breeding and will depart the area when disturbed.

Dogs love to chase Piping Plover chicks, which not only terrifies the adult Plovers and distracts them from minding the babies, but the chicks are easily squished by a dog on the run.


Stella and the Red Sox Break Records: Tick Alert

Red Sox score ten runs in the ninth and Stella the dog picks up 24 ticks in one half hour walk! Never done before! Watch out for the tall grass!

Stella as a puppy with no ticks.

Yesterday Stella, Evie and I do a four mile hike in Dogtown, over Pigeon Hill and back. Zero ticks. That is because we stayed out of the grass. Today we did a much shorter hike less than a mile but it was on the Atlantic Path along the shore with tall grass overgrown on the path. These ticks do not have super powers. They do not leap on you. But this time of year they crawl to the top of the blade of grass and hold their front legs out waiting for you to walk by.

If you walk through grass, check yourself as soon as you get back. No big deal if they are still walking around looking for a place to attach. But the sooner you get them the better. Powassan virus is rare but now present in ticks in this area. They are bad news and can transmit the virus far more quickly than Lyme.

ps. If you want a vaccine please advocate for full funding of NIH.

Congrats to the Cape Ann Sharks 4 x 50 relay teams

Cape Ann Special Olympics Rocked the 4 x 50 Relay on Saturday. Congratulations ..

Cape Ann Sharks 4×50 relay teams both bring home the GOLD with impressive times! Relay 1, Meghan, Matt, Alexandra and Kyle finished first in pool 3:05.40. Shark relay 2 Gabby, Caitlin, Noah and Christina on their heels with at 3:19.70. Relays swam in two divisions and both won Gold medals. The third place team posted at 4:45.41. Sharks rocked the relay!!

Impact of #teachers | Heidi Wakeman, Selma Bell, Barbara Kelley reconnect at Deborah Cramer talk at Sawyer Free

Heidi Wakeman teaches Spanish at O’Maley. Selma Bell was Heidi’s first grade teacher, and Barbara Kelley was her high school Spanish teacher. Were they yours?

Have you had a chance to thank the special teacher(s) that made a difference in your life? It’s beautiful when it happens!

Heidi and Selma (this photo from Heidi)

Heidi and Selma Bell


$2400 Gloucester liquor license up in the air “feels like the lottery” and suggestions by Brian Hamilton

Another Gloucester Licensing Board meeting is scheduled for Tuesday May 9, 6PM at the City Hall Annex on Pond Road. Once issued, will it be flipped or will it be held?
Here are some scenes from last week’s liquor license meeting at City Hall. Setting local caps on liquor licenses is outlined here Massachusetts laws. Those in favor of caps feel the policy laws help residents weigh in on whether additional local licenses are desirable, and prevents favoring new business at the expense of established businesses including some that spent tens of thousands on permits. Those against it maintain that it’s arcane, random and a hindrance to economic development. There are year round and seasonal licenses issued. For example, Gloucester Cinema & Stage, the Cave and Topside Grill have seasonal liquor ones. It’s a rarity here. Holyoke added 13 additional licenses in 2015. This interactive Google map of MA liquor licenses dates from that time. You can use  +-  keys on the map to zoom in to Gloucester as in screenshot below.

Brian Hamilton’s thoughtful input at the Licensing board meeting last week:


Tulip Festival on the Boulevard

On a grey and wet day a great celebration and opening of the Tulip Festival on the boulevard with a blast of color. Accolades to all involved with this project!!! It was a fun time and congratulations to the winners of the tulip prizes.

GAAC Speaker Friday Night 5/12: Ed Los, Rescuing Valuable Historic Astrophotos

Cape Ann Community


At this month’s GAAC meeting, 8:00 Friday night, May 12, at the Lanesville Community Center, we are thrilled to host Ed Los, a long-term member of the “Digital Access to a Sky Century team at Harvard” (DASCH). Ed will bring us up to date on the project to digitize over 500,000 images of the night sky collected on glass photographic plates between 1885 and 1993.

Halley's_comet_1910Image: Portion of Plate b41215 of Halley’s comet taken on April 21, 1910 from Arequipa, Peru with the 8-inch Bache Doublet, Voigtlander.

These images offer us far more than mere historic value. They have greatly advanced what we know of the composition of stars, their inherent luminosities and distances, and, as a 100-year record of the skies, they are sure to continue to inform our understanding. Already as part of this ongoing project more than 162,000 plates, along with data from a card catalog and 1200…

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