Finding Our Center

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Finding our Center

Join world renowned teacher Rolf Gates for this special 3hr asana-based workshop. The session will be a balance of lecture and asana and will include elements of pranayama and meditation. We’ll explore the tools of yoga that allow us to stay connected to the truth of who we are as we practice new ways of being in the world. The pose is what we are doing, the yoga is how we are being in the pose.

All levels are welcome in this well rounded workshop. 


Click here for more information and to sign up!

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Two Perfect Piping Plover Eggs!


After last week’s harrowingly warm weather, we lost all sight of the Piping Plover pair trying to establish a nest by the boardwalk #3 location. Thursday and Friday brought record temperatures of over 90 degrees, drawing unseasonably large crowds and literally, a ton of garbage, which was not only beyond disgusting, but in turn, attracted a plethora of seagulls and crows. Saturday, there was absolutely no sign of the Plovers, from one of end of Good Harbor to the other. Sunday, my husband Tom discovered a few tracks and Monday, I found a few as well, but nothing like we had seen earlier.

Thinking our Plover Pair were lost to us, lo and behold Tuesday morning I spied Papa Plover sitting in one location, for a very long time (half an hour is a long time for a plover to sit in one spot). Could there be an egg beneath Papa? Unfortunately, where Papa was sitting was on the edge of the roped off area, next to the party rock, with dog tracks only several inches away.

Dog tracks running through the roped off area and next to the Piping Plover nesting site.

I quickly called Dave Rimmer, director of land stewardship for Essex County Greenbelt. He came by immediately and confirmed yes, we have a nest!!!

An exclosure has been installed and the plover parents are adapting well to the protective wire frame.

The roping has been rearranged with the nest now in the center.

LIVE: Stage Fort Park Welcome Center opens tonight for the season!

Scenes from Gloucester businesses joining in to share news about what’s ahead for the upcoming season.







Will share more announcements and party feedback later.

Big Mike’s Bikes is back

Cape Pond Ice was featured in Yankee Magazine. Scott Memhard adds: “our popular Historic Icehouse Tours here at Cape Pond Ice Company are off to a busy season start, with some local enthusiastic Tour Guides, offered Monday – Saturday @ 11 am & 2 pm.  And our ART@the Icehouse gallery upstairs, featuring a number of local artists, opens Memorial Day weekend for our 2nd Season. If any area business Welcoming staff would like to come down and have a free tour, they are welcome, at no charge!”

The One our at a Time Gang

Good morning all:

This Saturday’s cleanup for Memorial Day we will be cleaning Clark Cemetery/ First Burial on Centennial Avenue

When: Saturday, May 27, 2017
Time: 8:00 – 9:00
Where: Clark Cemetery First Burial on Centennial Avenue

Please if you have picker they are always helpful

Thank you all and take care


Car, Truck, and Two Deer Accident

Fortunately both drivers of the two vehicles are uninjured and fine, if not a little shook up. Two White-tailed Deer were struck as they ran across Rt. 128, coming from the Lobsta Land marsh, heading toward the river. Judging from a quick glance, both deer appeared young. The Verizon truck driver and car driver did not sustain injuries, although there is extensive damage to their vehicles. So sorry this happened to them, but very glad they are a-okay.

One Word. Yes!

Some of us had fun yesterday solving the mini-mystery of Did Josh Say “Yes” or did he leave his creative promposalist (sounds like it should be a word) hanging in the wind….just like her message on the overpass.

Well, thanks to the power of Facebook, we have an answer.   YES.

Kudos to his prom date for catching all of our attention!  We hope they have lots of laughs and create many lasting memories!

Thanks to Bridgette Matthews for capturing the new bridge message and for forwarding it to me so that we could update you all.


IMG_3005 2

May-June Cruise Schedule with Beauport Cruiselines!


How will you kick off the unofficial start of summer this Memorial Day weekend? Join us for a cruise this Sunday! Cruise includes buffet, music, and of course spectacular views of Gloucester Harbor. 11AM to 2 PM. $54 per person. See complete cruise schedule below as well as more details on the Memorial Day weekend cruise. Wishing you a great start to summer!

1UP cruise sched may 24-June 18mem day wknd cruise JPG

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