If You Like Driving …

After leaving a hockey rink a few weeks ago (go figure) we saw this car driving by Gordon College.  We walked a fine line between tailgating to figure out what the heck it was…and staying back and never knowing.  Luckily, since I was not driving, we were able to snap some pics.

Turns out here.com is an app that you can download to find maps and driving directions, I guess.

Maps have always been at the heart of our mission. Only the maps we are creating today are very different from those we grew up with.

Powered by our leading location cloud and enriched with dynamic data, maps from HERE are becoming increasingly real time – capturing the changing world like never before.

We believe they will play a critical role in improving mobility for people and enterprises, making driving safer and more enjoyable, and reducing emissions.

Little known fact…I am a HUGE fan of Sunday driving.  I have always loved jumping in the car and touring Cape Ann.  When time allows, I always drive the long way.  And, whenever possible, I opt to avoid the highway.  Even now, I love the days that the boys and I aren’t in a rush to get home after school/work.  Nothing makes me happier than driving home through Beverly Farms, Manchester, Magnolia, Gloucester, around the back shore, and home to Rockport.

So, don’t think for a second, that I didn’t check to see how one goes about getting a job from here.com that allows you to simply drive around in your free time to record whatever it is one is recording to help gather information to make said maps.  They aren’t hiring in our hood right now.


One thought on “If You Like Driving …

  1. NAVSTAR GPS and MIILSTAR squadrons had to go back to school for 9 weeks to learn all this stuff very 9 weeks worth lost in a mainframe Unix :-O computer then yep magnetic tapes too made it through like some of the others it was hard lot’s of tests 🙂 :-O boy have we come a long ways now storage and retrieval capabilities size:-O 🙂 Dave


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