Pleasure Island Walking Tour this Sunday June 19, 10AM to noon

I have always been fascinated by this sign out on Route 128 (really now 95) in Wakefield. I grew up poor on the wrong Cape so never made it to Pleasure Island but the exit sign beckons. Driving to work fantasizing about what I would do on my Pleasure Island. 🙂 Finally turned in last week and it was no Twilight Zone episode. I was not transported back in time. I couldn’t even find “Pleasure Island Road”.

Turn here for Pleasure Island where 6x9=42
Turn here for Pleasure Island where 6×9=42

But this Sunday morning I can find out. The Friends of Pleasure Island will have a walking tour of the Island no more. Take that exit 42 (bring your towel of course), and pull into the Edgewater Office Park and park in the first lot on the left. 10AM. Rubber Duck will be on a leash.

Searching for Pleasure Island I could only find this. Is it the anchor to The Sinking of the Hesperus? Or the Moby Dick Ride? Is this Monkey Island? Is this where the Three Stooges did their act? It was the wrong day. 6×9 equaled 54. But on Sunday, 6×9 will equal 42.

7 thoughts on “Pleasure Island Walking Tour this Sunday June 19, 10AM to noon

    1. Holy Cow that is some post EJ! Your article and the 36 comments I read through fill in the details. I think it’s a riot that the office buildings named their conference rooms after the rides at Pleasure Island.


  1. Having been to Pleasure Island (when I was just tall enough to be able to drive one of the car rides), and having had an office at Edgewater Park, all that’s left of the road is a short piece of Audubon Rd that runs from the intersection of Rt 128 under Rt 128 to Lynnfield St. There may still be a sign at the intersection of Lynnfield St next to the office building which is 1 Pleasure Island Rd.


      1. Seriously? Uh, no, I wasn’t serious at all. I kind of thought that would be obvious. I should have called it the temporary Cape, made of sand. This one up here is made of granite. 🙂


  2. Excellent post Paul where’s Rod Sterling? “Being poor is not that bad with a great foundation and tradition, like the rock in the brook, water will find it’s way around 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

    Manhattan Transfer – Twilight Zone


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