Blackburn Challenge July 16, 2016 is 38 Days away


OK, so the Blackburn Challenge has a new twist this year. After you register you get an electronic bib number mailed to you connected to RaceJoy. (Click for info) This software will track everyone in the race. Not sure exactly what “spectators” will see but likely you will be able to follow someone in real time around the course. You could follow Rubber Duck or even better, follow someone who is speedy.

We have 38 days to figure it out. Rubber Duck will post a test run on Facebook or here. Anyone out there who has experience with RaceJoy please speak up in comments. It would be cool to see all the contestants race around Cape Ann but that is a lot of dots. Ask your friends who race in triathlons. I bet they have used it.

One thought on “Blackburn Challenge July 16, 2016 is 38 Days away

  1. For participants, you need to have a smartphone and download the app in order to participate. It’s easy. Watch your email and make sure you get your electronic bib number.

    From the Blackburn Challenge website:
    New Saftey Requirement: Smartphone Tracking – For racers safety and to meet additional requests of the CoastGuard, we are requiring particpants to bring a fully charged smartphone (Apple or Android), with the RaceJoy app installed. This will allow online tracking of all racing vessels. For further information on the app, click on the logo below to visit the RaceJoy website. Additional information on the tracking will be provided on raceday:


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