Stand-off on the Mill River

There was a little mexican stand-off at the Mill River this morning.   This poor young buck was waiting out this coyote who was on the hunt.  At first it looked as though the deer may have been stuck in the river mud, but it soon became clear that he was just keeping a safe distance from the coyote.   The coyote paced in and out of the woods.  (thanks to hubby Neil for sharing his pics!)DSC_3226-Edit


At first the coyote looked like he was just going to wait for the tide to come in and draw the deer back to land.  _DSC1119-Edit

But he headed back into the woods and the deer began to move down the river a bit.

_DSC1193-Edit DSC_3217-Edit DSC_3212-Edit DSC_3202-Edit _DSC1210-Edit  _DSC1168-Edit _DSC1160-Edit  _DSC1141-Edit

22 thoughts on “Stand-off on the Mill River

  1. I wondered what all those police cars and spectators were doing across the street from Capt Hooks when I drove by this morning. Thank you for posting this.

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    1. The Grammar Police count seven mistakes in your single sentence. Maybe you can kill the coywolf with tortured linguistics. 🙂

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  2. Great photos Bridgette and Neil. I have seen coyotes in Mill River/Pond area, but not deer. To see them together in this dramatic standoff is amazing. Glad it was a peaceful resolution.

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