Union Congregational Church Stain Glass Window Magnolia

January 27, 2016 Union Congregation Church

6 thoughts on “Union Congregational Church Stain Glass Window Magnolia

  1. Donna,

    What a shot this is reminds me so much of the stained glass in Scared Heart when I was a young lad! Dedicate this song to memories on the path we called life!. :-)Dave & Kim:-)

    L-Rey – Your Love Heard My Prayer from new album “The Open Door” (CD too0…


      1. Yes we all have and need a” higher power” regardless of name, on those tough days. Great Spirit- God Knows we all have them from time to time! I just read another classic in this area called (PeaceKeeping) Lance LoRusso, written by a former law enforcement officer now lawyer short read 131 pages, but hard impact on spirit and faith…Reminds me so much of (GMG-team) positive and always sharing!

        Part of my book review I am going to post later….

        “In all cases the spirit of those you touched remains within them. It’s not what you have but what you have given away to others.” Dave 🙂 Kim-:)


  2. Ditto to you “Summaville!” Many Sundays and weekdays in Sacred Heart Lanesville and other churches too barnacle Bill Bazar too! 🙂 Dave


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