For Nancy Lutts. Thank you dear lady!

After collecting Monarch eggs last weekend, Nancy graciously allowed me to return to her gorgeous Cabot Farm to film and to photograph. I was there at sunrise, which is relatively early in the day for butterfly sightings however, I did see four Monarchs and two were females depositing eggs all over the field!

Bench Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015Nancy’s Pollinator Garden

Sunrise Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015View from Nancy’s Milkweed Field
Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015Sunflowers Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015Scarlet runner Beans Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015Scarlet Runner Bean; the blossoms are beloved by hummingbirds.

Barn Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015


Guinea Hens Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015Funny (and noisy) New Guinea Hens

Water pump Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015Old Water Pump

Honey Bees Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015Honey bees awakening in the first rays of light

Female Pearl Crescent Salem MA ©Kim Smith 2015Female Pearl Crescent warming her wings

Milkweed Shoots Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015Tender newly emerging milkweed shoots, ideal for Monarch caterpillars.Cosmos Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015


Sunflowers -2 Cabot Farm Salem ©Kim Smith 2015SunflowersCabot Farm Salem -1 ©Kim Smith 2015

 Cabot Farm


  1. Ah beautiful day down on the farm and so much too do and so little time! Guinea Hens are very shall we say aware and the pump that needs to be primed for the bringing it up. 🙂 Dave & Kim 🙂

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