Fat Tuesday Chocolate Chip Red Velvet Valentine Pancakes


Valentine red velvet pancake final

Fat Tuesday Chocolate Chip Red Velvet Valentine Pancakes~ In our home we call Breakfast foods served for Dinner, Dippy~Dippy Dinner Nights! Tonight we will celebrate Fat Tuesday with these delicious Pancakes! For recipe details click see more…

Chocolate Chip Red Velvet Valentine Pancakes


1 Shake ‘n Pour Bisquick Pancake Mix

1 tablespoon red velvet flavoring(sold at major craft / baking stores

¾ cup Mini Chocolate Morsels

1 can Whipped Cream

chocolate Sauce

fresh strawberries

warmed Maple Syrup


1  follow Bisquick manufacturer’s directions; add 1 tablespoon red velvet flavoring to pancake batter; shake until evenly incorporated

2  heat griddle pan; lightly coat pan with cooking spray; pour batter onto hot pan; hello to cook 40 seconds; sprinkle 1 tablespoon Mini morsels over cooking pancake; flip when air bubbles appear; cooked thoroughly

Valentine red velvet pancakes 1

valentine re velvet pancake 3

3  place chocolate chip red velvet pancake on serving  plate; fix whipped cream into heart-shaped; sprinkle with Mini morsels; drizzle with chocolate sauce; garnish with fresh strawberry; serve immediately with warmed maple syrup

valentine red velvet pancake 4

7 thoughts on “Fat Tuesday Chocolate Chip Red Velvet Valentine Pancakes

  1. You’re amazing! What would it cost to bring my boys to your house during February vacation for a little cooking demo? I’m only kind of kidding. 🙂


    1. Thank you for your kind words, and with all kidding aside, your not the first to ask me that question. I would absolutely love to give cooking demo’s to adults, children and all ages in between. I dream of doing it often, and it’s very high on my bucket list of things to do someday. Unfortunately, I do not have a commercially zoned kitchen space to host cooking demos the way I would like to offer them to the public. Hopefully that someday will be soon!


  2. Bisquick and aunt jemima? Pancake batter is so simple to prepare. You have a lot of nice recipes but this is surely not one of them!


    1. Elise…Your right pancake batter & walffel batter are both very simple to make, and 95% of the time I prepare and serve homemade from scratch pancake & wallfes to my family & guest …this recipe was created on whim one day with store bought batter my kids actually purchased…. I often receive request for semi homemade recipes from followers who have little time to spend in the kitchen. Know I’m all about good tasting food and wouldn’t have posted the recipe using it if they didnt taste delicious! Feel free to substitute your favorite homemade batter! Happy homemade pancake making and thank you for your comment!?


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