Mayor Romeo Theken: Notice from National Grid

Good Evening Residents:
FYI from National Grid

The latest weather reports have increased the amount of snow (change from yesterday’s report) as well as the expected winds, especially inland. We can expect to have wind gusts up to 60 mph along the coast and 45/50 mph gusts inland. The temperature is still forecasted to remain very cold which helps keep the snow lighter and dryer.
Based on the revised weather reports National Grid is increasing our work force by adding resources over what was reported yesterday. We will be opening Storm Rooms in Malden and North Andover at 6:00 AM, Sunday, to help manage crew deployment. We will be opening our Municipal Room at 10:00 pm
The Room will remain open, 24/7, until we notify you otherwise.
We feel confident with our current plans for this storm.
We realize that all of our communities have been struggling with snow removal issues and keeping the roads clear and safe. If we encounter a situation where our ability to restore power is hindered by accumulated snow we may need your assistance. We will only reach out to you for help if we don’t have our own resources near by. By working together we can keep our customers & communities safe and minimize potential power outages.
National Grid has re-classified this weather event as Type 3 (see diagram below).
If any outages do occur in your area, it is imperative that they be reported via our Customer Service or Outage Reporting phone numbers (provided below). Please encourage your residents and businesses to report any outages via these phone numbers as well. Every outage phone call that we receive is logged into our outage tracking system and better enables us to pinpoint the location of the issue. The sooner that we can identify the location of the issue, the quicker we can respond.
The Customer Service Line is: 1-800-322-3223
The Outage Reporting Line is: 1-800-465-1212
Mayor Romeo Theken

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