Request From #GloucesterMA Police

The City of Gloucester snow emergency and parking ban is being extended due to the continued snow storm.

From now until noon on Tuesday, February 10th, all vehicles are banned from parking on city streets.

Violators of this emergency declaration are subject to ticketing and towing at the owners expense. Residents may park in municipal and school parking lots during the parking ban. We have provided extra time so all cars may be removed from parking lots no later than noon on Tuesday, February 10th. Your cooperation during this parking ban is necessary for efficient and safe snow removal efforts.

This is a historic amount of snow. Please have patience as the Department of Public Works continues to work through areas that require snow removal. Please make every effort to shovel out hydrants at or near your homes.

The schools as well as the Public library will be closed tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb. 10th.

Please check on your elderly neighbors.

To repeat, the City of Gloucester has extended the parking ban on all city streets. The ban will be in effect until noon on Tuesday, February 10th.

Please check the City of Gloucester website for further updates at


Leonard Campanello

Chief of Police

In addition to the current parking ban, The Gloucester Police Department is requesting ALL vehicles stay off the road at this time. We are responding to a large amount of spinouts and accidents as a result of the ongoing storm. It is unsafe to drive in these conditions and we are asking for your cooperation for the duration of this storm. Please stay off the roadways during this storm for your own safety and the safety of other motorists and pedestrians.

2 thoughts on “Request From #GloucesterMA Police

  1. Absolutely!! Haven’t left my house since Saturday and not planning to leave until Wednesday, there should have been a state-wide travel ban, I support Governor Baker but he got this one wrong. I know he can’t win either way, but this is insane. I feel for our Police, Fire, Plowers, etc.


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