Kiss My Butt Valentine Cookies




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I spent the paste few days gathering ingredients and supplies to make some Valentine goodies for family and friends. First on my treat list  to make is last years’ “Kiss My Butt Valentine Cookies.” If your looking for something to do to pass the time during this weekends snow storm, I highly recommend scanning your pantry, for needed supplies, and get yourself to the store before the snow starts falling!

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Learn how to easily create my “Kiss My Butt Valentine Cookies” by following Step-By-Step decorating tips, click Read More

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Sugar Cookie Dough (I recommend using your own favorite recipe)

1 batch Royal Icing

1 bag Valentine Mellowcream mix Candy; by Gold Emblem (sold at CVS)

Royal Icing Ingredients

3 egg whites

2 lbs. confectioners’ sugar

1 teaspoon pure vanilla or lemon extract (flavoring choice should be determined by flavor of cookie and your taste preference)

Wilton food coloring

Note~ I like to make all my colored icings before I begin decorating and usually have 3-5 different colors in separate disposable Wilton pastry bags. Each are fitted with a #2 tip, coordinating cuffs. Food coloring, disposable pastry bags, tips, cuffs, and food colorings all can be purchased at most major craft and party supply stores, and Goodwin Party Shop in Gloucester.


1 place all icing ingredients except food coloring, in bowl of stand mixer fitted with wire whisk attachment; whisk on low speed 30 seconds; add water slowly increase speed gradually to medium high; whisk 1-2 minutes until icing is glossy and thick (check for correct consistency by pulling a spoon through frosting making a line; then begin counting; line should disappear by the count of # 10-12 for correct consistence)

2 separate icing into small bowls; add and thoroughly mix in desired food colorings

3 secure #2 Wilton brand piping tip and cuff to disposable pastry bags; fill with colored royal icing; release air from bag; twist and secure open end of bag closed; will keep refrigerated 2 days

Cookie Decorating


1 roll out your favorite cookie dough to 1/4 inch in thickness

2 cut heart shapes using 4 inch heart shaped cookie cutter; cut pointed side of heart off; transfer to parchment lined cookie sheet; chill 15 minutes before baking; follow your favorite sugar cookie dough baking instructions; cool completely before decorating

3 using light colored food coloring marker, sketch design

4 using desired color icing outline bikini bottom

5 fill in outline with icing

6 carefully shake cookie on flat surface, this motion will help move icing into place without air pockets (this technique is called flooding icing, the Wilton company has a video tutorial online); rest cookies 5 minutes before placing decorative sugar hearts or piping royal icing polka dots

7  pip a dot of matching royal icing to back side of Valentine Mellocreame lip Candy, gently press and  fix onto cookie;  allow decorated cookies to dry 12 hours

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