Breaking Gloucester Restaurant News- Former Nonni’s Space To Be Cacciatore’s #GloucesterMA

Shooting For Feb 28th Opening- Listen To The Video For All The Details- You heard It Here First, Natch

14 thoughts on “Breaking Gloucester Restaurant News- Former Nonni’s Space To Be Cacciatore’s #GloucesterMA

  1. Of course my first thought was, great, another Italian restaurant, just what we need! But, I do LOVE Italian food and since Guiseppe’s and La Trattoria are gone, might help to fill those niches.


    1. The restaurant is where Mooter’s liquor store was, and then a series of sub/pizza places. It’s on the corner where the traffic light is, at the bottom of the hill that leads into East Gloucester.


  2. Good luck! looking forward to trying it! For what its worth, get lots of light in the windows and some “open” signs. Maybe a menu chalkboard on the sidewalk. The owner needs to put a bigger window on the side of that building. A few years ago, when first traveling to gloucester, I drove by that building (starving) a ton of times because I couldn’t tell if it was open or what it was like inside. You know that feeling when you a starving and dont want to take chance on a new place and you cant tell what is going on inside? I wanted to get that out there :0) I sincerely hope you guys do great!! congrats!


  3. I’m so excited about this! It sounds exactly what Gloucester needs after the closing of la trattoria. I can’t wait to try it and I wish these guys great success.


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